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Best Wheelbarrow Buying Guide

Last updated on July 27th, 2019 at 10:21 am

A wheelbarrow has an oblong shape and the sides slope facilitating tipping. Most of the wheelbarrows have one wheel but there are some with two. Are you looking to buy a wheelbarrow?

Here are 6 of the best wheelbarrows you should consider going for.

Taking A Look At The Best Wheelbarrows

WORX Aerocart Multifunction 2-Wheeled Yard Cart, Dolly, and Wheelbarrow with Flat-Free Tires – WG050

Made from high-quality steel this barrow is large thus can carry heavy loads. It comes in flat-free tires that don’t require to be inflated.

The cool thing is that the unit not only functions as a wheelbarrow, it also works as a dolly. You can use it for both heavy and lightweight jobs.

The patented design lowers the center of gravity allowing you to balance your load easily.


  •  Easy to assemble
  • Large thus more carrying space
  • Lightweight


  • Some people have complained about poor customer service from the company

Gorilla Carts GOR6PS Heavy-Duty Poly Yard Dump Cart with 2-In-1 Convertible Handle, 1,200-Pound Capacity, Black

Made from high-quality steel, this wheelbarrow is durable thus you can be sure that it will last for a long time.

The unit has a patented quick-release dumping feature that gets rid of anything in the barrow in one swift motion.

After dumping, nothing is left behind thus you don’t need to sweep.

Since its tough, you can use the wheelbarrow to move different types of materials such as wood, concrete, metal, and any other product you might want to move.


  • Easy to pull
  • Works perfectly on flat terrain
  • Provides you with a comfortable grip


  • Some people have problems assembling it
  •  Can be off-balanced if you don’t place the materials accurately

New DJM Heavy Duty Metal Garden Wheelbarrow With Pneumatic Tyre 90Litre / 180Kg by DJM Direct

This is one of the best wheelbarrows for concrete as its made from durable steel. The unit has a large 90-liter capacity that can handle up to 190 kg. The entire frame is one piece which provides it extra strength.

The unit has a large 90-liter capacity that can handle up to 190 kg. The entire frame is one piece which provides it extra strength.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Tough
  • Durable
  • One-piece steel frame


  •  Tends to corrode when improperly maintained
  • Some people have complained of the handles being too short. DJ

Marathon Dual-Wheel Residential Yard Rover Wheelbarrow and Yard Cart – Green

The two air-filled wheels make it easy to lift, balance, and maneuver the wheelbarrow. The cushion-grip handle on the unit allows you to pull, push, and easily dump the contents.

The cushion-grip handle on the unit allows you to pull, push, and easily dump the contents.

While the poly material used in making it isn’t as strong as steel, its professional-grade thus you can have peace of mind that it will last for a long time. The material is also light which makes the wheelbarrow easy to carry around.

The material is also light which makes the wheelbarrow easy to carry around.


  •  Easy to assemble
  • Comfortable handles
  • Large five cubic foot tray
  • Beautiful design
  • Stable


  • Doesn’t deal with heavy lifting very well
  • Wheels tend to deflate thus require more maintenance
  • Some people have complained about it being shallow

Jackson M6T22 6 Cubic Foot Steel Tray Contractor Wheelbarrow With Front Braces

The steel body used in making the wheelbarrow makes it durable. The construction also makes it the right unit for heavier work.

You can use it to carry concrete without any problem. While the handles are made from wood, they are of high quality and last for a long time.

You can use it to carry concrete without any problem. While the handles are made from wood, they are of high quality and last for a long time.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Made from high-quality steel
  • The large tire makes it easy to move the wheelbarrow


  •  The wooden handles are uncomfortable especially if you use the wheelbarrow for long
  •  It tends to be easily dented especially if you use it incorrectly
  • Easy to assemble

Rubbermaid Commercial FG565961BLA Unassembled Plastic 2-Wheel Wheelbarrow, 200-Pound Capacity

When you first look at it, you might think that it won’t last for long as it’s made from plastic. Don’t be deceived.

The plastic used in making it is of high quality and indestructible. From its description, the wheelbarrow is large (200 pounds) thus it will carry a lot of load.

For added handling strength, the unit has durable hardwood handles.


  • Large thus carry a heavy load
  • Durable
  • Stable due to the two wheels
  • Easy to move around


  • The handles can be uncomfortable if you use the wheelbarrow for long

What to consider when buying a wheelbarrow

best wheelbarrow

To get the most from your wheelbarrow, you need to consider some factors that include:

The weight of load: How much load will you be carrying? If you will be carrying a lot of materials, go for a large unit and vice versa. Most of the standard wheelbarrows have a capacity of 200 lbs but there are a few that can carry more.

Avoid buying a small barrow smaller than your needs as it will be difficult to push around. A small wheelbarrow is also more likely to get damaged within a short time.

A unit that is too large on the other hand will be too cumbersome to work with.

Space: What is the condition of the areas you are working on? Are there access limitations in the area you are working on?

For peace of mind and avoid damaging your unit, go for a wheelbarrow that will perfectly fit the area you will be using it.

If you will be working on the uneven ground, purchase a wheelbarrow with a ground clearance that is large enough.

Ease of use: For peace of mind, buy a wheelbarrow that is easy to use. One of the factors to consider is the weight distribution of the unit.

Take a look at the wheelbarrow tray and ensure that it evenly distributes the weight thus protecting your arms and back from overstraining.

Before parting with your money, test the working of the unit by placing heavy objects on the tray. If too heavy, avoid it.

Materials: Wheelbarrows are made from two prime materials: steel and plastic. Vintage wood wheelbarrows are still around, but you should avoid them as they get destroyed fast.

If buying a concrete wheelbarrow, go for one made from steel as it will last for a long time.

The unfortunate thing is that steel tends to rust thus be cautious when working with it.

Plastic wheelbarrows are cheap and light, but they can’t handle heavy work thus ideal when looking for a unit for light duties.

Handles: Wheelbarrows have two types of handles: traditional and ergonomic. Units with straight handles allow the most maneuverability.

They also make it easy for you to tilt, dump, and flip the wheelbarrow. Ergonomic handles make pulling easy.

Wheels: As mentioned above, a wheelbarrow can have one or two wheels. The traditional wheelbarrow has one wheel positioned either at the front or center of the unit.

This creates a tripod design that makes it easy to maneuver and dump.

Two-wheel wheelbarrows have two wheels at the front giving you more stability thus you can carry even the heaviest loads.

The main challenge with these units is that they have limited maneuverability; thus you can’t quickly move them on hills.

Whether interested in one wheel or two-wheel wheelbarrow, ensure that the unit is sturdy. It shouldn’t wobble or tip when you place your construction materials or anything else.

Tires: The units can have pneumatic or non-pneumatic tires. Pneumatic tires feature an inner tube like the one you find in a car or bicycle.

The air in the tire serves as a shock absorber and gives your wheelbarrow a smoother ride. The flaw with this tire is that it can pop.

It’s also susceptible to rough terrain. You should regularly inspect the air pressure and ensure that it’s adequate to carry your load.

Non-pneumatic tires are made from solid rubber. The cool thing about them is that they can’t pop or go flat. Unfortunately, they don’t give you a smooth ride.

If you don’t want to inflate the tire regularly and want a smooth ride, go with the semi-pneumatic tire. This is a unit made from rubber and has air pockets.

How to take care of the wheelbarrow

best wheelbarrow

For your wheelbarrow to last for a long time, you need to maintain it properly. The cool thing is that you need to take simple steps to do it. Here are tips on how to do it:

Take care of the handles: How you take care of the handles depends on the materials used in making them.

Regardless of the type of handles that your unit has, clean them at the end of the work and ensure that they are completely dry before you store the unit.

If they are made from wood, consider sandpapering them and applying olive oil on them to give them a shine and luster. The oil also protects your handles from severe weather elements.

Take care of the barrow: The barrow is the central part of the wheelbarrow thus requires excellent care. At the end of the working day, scrap dirt to prevent it from drying up thus making it difficult to clean it later.

The best tool to use to clean the barrow is a high-pressure hose that will get rid of even the stubborn dirt. To give the unit a pristine look, clean the unit using a wire brush.

Grease the moving parts: For the unit to last for long and run smoothly, lubricate the moving parts. One part you should pay attention to is the axle. Grease it properly and regularly.

Watch the weight you carry: As you might have guessed, carrying extra weight damages the wheelbarrow. For your unit to last for long, avoid overloading it.

When you carry more weight than the unit can carry, you risk breaking the handles, bending the axle, and overstretching the barrow. If the weight is too much, you can easily hurt yourself.

To protect your unit, never carry the weight that your unit can’t handle.

Store the unit correctly: After cleaning the wheelbarrow at the end of the day, store it in the right area.

As a rule of thumb store the wheelbarrow at a safe and dry place. It’s recommended that you store the unit while dry but if you can’t dry it, tip your wheelbarrow against the wall. This allows the unit to dry fast thus preventing rust.

Watch where you drive: To ensure your safety and protect the wheels, be cautious of where you drive the wheelbarrow.

Avoid driving through rough ground, thorns, and other debris as this will damage the unit. If you notice any problem with the wheel, fix it as soon as possible.

You should also consider having the wheel pumped full of expanding foam instead of air. This makes the wheel indestructible thus your wheel lasts for long.

Undertake regular inspections: Just like any other construction tool, you need to regularly inspect the wheelbarrow to identify any faulty areas and fix them as soon as possible.

If the nuts are loose, tighten them. If the coat is coming off, recoat the barrow, and many other things.

You can confidently inspect the wheelbarrow on your own but for perfect results consider taking it to a professional for the inspection.

Safety tips when working with the wheelbarrow

Many people have been injured when working with their wheelbarrows thus it’s imperative that you take safety measures that will protect you from hurting yourself. Some of the tips to consider include:

Fix problems as soon as possible: When you notice loose bolts, faulty wheel, and any other problem, fix it immediately.

If you have the skills, fix it on your own or hire a reputable professional to have it repaired.

Carry the right weight: In addition to overloading the wheelbarrow putting it at the risk of getting damaged, it also puts you in danger of getting injured.

When you overload the wheelbarrow, it becomes too heavy thus you can easily hurt your back.

The construction materials can also fall off the wheelbarrow thus hurting you.

Inspect the pathway: Before you start hauling your construction materials, check the trail and ensure that its free of any harmful materials that can trip you or even damage the wheelbarrow wheel.

Wear protective clothing: Even if you haven’t started the construction project, wear the right protective clothing. This calls for you to wear steel toe work boots, heavy-duty gloves, safety glasses, coverall clothing, hard hat, and any other protective attire you might have.


This is everything you need to know about the wheelbarrow. When making the purchase, always buy from a reputable brand. Some of the best brands you should consider are: Ames, Radio Flyer, Jackson, wheelbarrow, and Worz.

As you have seen, different wheelbarrows are ideal for different roles. To get the most from the units, buy the one that is ideal for your needs.

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