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How To Lace Boots Military Style

How To Lace Boots Military StyleWhile there are many ways in which you can lace your work boots, one of the most effective ways is using the military style.Why you should lace boots military styleThere are plenty of benefits that come with lacing your work boots the military style. Some of these benefits include:ComfortNeatnessEase of […]

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Best Waterproofing For Leather Boots

​Best Waterproofing For Leather Boots: 9 Products That Will Give You The Best ResultsWhile leather boots are tough, they are usually greatly affected by water. If you work or walk in wet environments, your leather boots might start coming apart after a short time due to constant exposure to moisture.The cool thing is that you […]

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Best Ironworker Boots For Safety And Comfort

Best Ironworker Boots For Comfort And SafetyBeing an ironworker is challenging. This is because there are plenty of dangers that come with it. Some of the most common ones include: falling, cuts, burns, muscle strain and many others. one of the best ways of protecting yourself from these dangers is to wear work boots.To help […]

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5 Of The Best Lightweight Work Boots

Best lightweight work boots If looking for the best lightweight work boots for your work, here are some of the best that you should go for: Military tactical work boot What makes this boot lightweight is that it doesn’t have steel or composite—it’s soft toe. The boot also features a light, shock-absorbing molded midsole. In […]

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