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Framing Hammer Tips

Framing Hammer Tips

Last updated on October 1st, 2019 at 12:04 pm

If you have a framing hammer, you need to use it properly for you to get the most from it. To help you out, here are framing hammer tips that you should put into consideration:

Framing hammer tips on how to be safe

The last thing you want is to hurt yourself when working. To be safe, you need to use the right hammer for the job.

As rule of thumb, you shouldn’t use a sledge or claw hammer for your framing projects. While you might get the job done, you risk hurting yourself or damaging the hammer.

Another thing you should do to be safe when using the hammer is to avoid striking a hardened steel surface. This is to avoid generating flying metal chips that can injure you or a bystander.

You also should avoid using a hammer with a loose or broken handle. When you do it, you risk the hammerhead coming off while in use. This not only puts the other people at risk, but you also risk damaging your cabinet.

Finally, you should avoid using a hammer with a chipped or cracked head. Just like with a hammer with a loose or broken handle, using a hammer with a cracked or chipped head is like sitting on a time bomb.

Tips on how to handle the framing hammer

framing hammer

To drive nails easily with the hammer you need to know how to hold it properly. The best way of holding the hammer is holding it as if you are shaking hands with someone.

When you want more control of the hammer, such as when you are starting a nail, grip the hammer closer to the head. When you need more power, grasp the hammer near the end.

How to hold the nail

framing hammer tips

To avoid hurting yourself and also easily drive the nail into the wood, you need to know how to hold the nail properly. The best way of doing it is holding it near the top or head.

You should avoid holding it near the bottom. This is to avoid crushing your fingers between the hammer and wood in the event you miss.

If you are using nails that are too small, push the nail through a piece of thin cardboard.

The cardboard will help you in holding the nail, and you won’t hurt yourself when you miss the swing. To avoid damaging the hardboard, remove it before you finish driving the nail.

Once you have correctly held the nail, place it where you want to drive it. Using your framing hammer, tap the nail lightly until the nail starts to sink into the wood.

How to prevent the wood from splitting

Box, Carton, Caution, Crack, Crate

One of the major concerns with people using the framing hammer is that the wood tends to split; thus they are required to replace it more regularly. It’s good to note that you don’t have to struggle with this problem.

The best way of preventing the wood from splitting is to drill a pilot hole before you start hammering in the nail.

Another trick you can use is to lubricate the nail with beeswax. You also should consider blunting the nail before you drive it in. Blunting the nail is easy. All you need to do is to tap the nail point with the hammer.

Another strategy that is highly effective at preventing the wood from splitting is to avoid hammering the nail into the grain of the wood.

How to drive the nail with the framing hammer

Once the nail is in place and you have protected the wood from splitting, it’s time to drive the nail in.

To do it you should swing the framing hammer from the elbow. This way you will drive the nail fast. If you need more control over the nail, swing the hammer from the wrist.

When you are driving the nail, focus on the nail, not the hammer. This way you will avoid glancing and sideways blows. As a result, you won’t bend the nails. You also won’t damage the wood.

While you should swing from the elbow for you to drive the nails fast, you should avoid using a lot of strength.

Remember that the hammer is the one that should drive the nails—not you. All you need to do is to use minimum force, and you will be good to go.

You should note that when you use a lot of force, you end up with damaged wood and bent nails. Sometimes you can even damage your hammer.


These are tips on how to properly use the framing hammer. For you to get the most from the unit, use a high-quality hammer.

This calls for you to buy the unit from a reputable store. When you notice a problem with it, have it repaired as soon as possible.

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