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Hello everyone! I’m Cate!

It all started as an accident. I had failed to clean the dishes, and as a punishment, my mother sent me to the garden to water the tomatoes. I was twelve.

The way the fruits sparkled with life, l I couldn’t resist them. That was the beginning of my obsession with gardening.

Since then, I became the designated gardener in my home. From tomatoes, I went on and planted other plants and even transformed our lawn.

Today, my partner Duncan and I have grown to love our garden, and we’re always trying out new plants.

While we haven’t grown to commercial farmers, we supply greens to our local supermarkets? A good start, right?

So we thought, why not start a blog to share what works for us with our fellow gardeners?

That’s how workhabor was born. focuses on self-sufficient backyard homesteads. Our goal is to help homeowners create the best backyards possible.

We focus on four areas: outdoor cooking, gardening & farm, outdoor living, outdoor games, and tools & equipment.

There’s always work to be done outdoors, but we’ll make it easier with the very best resources and information. And, once the work is done, we’ll help you enjoy it to the fullest.

You can look to us for help and guidance in this area. We hope to be of service to you. For further queries, please check our “Contact Us” page.

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