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Best Lawnmower for Steep Banks

Although green and lush steep banks are beautiful to look at, they are labor-intensive and dangerous to mow. A great idea would be to rent a few goats to eat the grass growing in the inaccessible areas, but goats are…

Can Lawn Mowers Damage Hearing

5 Lawnmower Brands to Avoid

A good lawnmower doesn’t come cheap and as a homeowner when you decide to buy a lawn tending machine, you want a machine that will last for years, if not decades. Due to this, you want to buy the best…

Do Snails Eat Grass

Do Snails Eat Grass?

Before we discuss whether snails eat grass, it’s good to point out that many homeowners confuse snails with slugs, which are completely different organisms. To clear the air, snails measure 2.5-4 cm long and feature coiled shells on their backs.…


How To Fix A Muddy Lawn

Imagine this. You move to your new house and you can’t hide your excitement—you are over the moon. Then it rains. And this is when you notice the lawn: it’s super muddy and has thick dead grass. You feel down…

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