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How To Choose An Electric Trimmer For Your Yard

Well-groomed grass in the yard is always nice and beautiful. In order to give the lawn a smooth look, use a trimmer.

However, if you are only planning to purchase the device, then you probably wonder how to choose it right.

In this article, you will find information about the types available, as well as which one is better suited for each purpose.

Types of grass trimmers

According to, there are 3 types of trimmers depending on the power - electric, petrol, and battery-powered.

If you choose a device that works silently, then an electricity type is definitely your choice. This type’s representatives are light and maneuverable.

However, keep in mind that such equipment is suitable for the areas with constant access to the outlet.

Petrol models are more powerful than electric or battery powered. Thanks to self-sufficiency, they can work almost anywhere and as long as you need.

The advantage of these grass trimmers is the ability not only to mow soft grass and thick flower stems but also small shrubs.

Naturally, such a device is noisy, thus not everyone will choose it.



The output is the major criterion for choosing a device for cutting grass. Typically output ranges from 220 to 1800 watts.

The most powerful representatives have a faster rotating knife, due to which they are able to process a larger area in a shorter period of time.

Remember that with the output the weight of the device increases.

Models with low power (up to 700 W) are suitable for small areas with soft non-rigid grass. If you have a need to mow a larger area with hard stems, choose models with 900 watts output.

Cutting width

Cutting width directly affects how effectively a plant will be cut for the first time.

The most common dimensions range from 20 to 42 cm. The larger the width of the cut, the more space will be covered by the trimmer in a shorter period of time.

For a suburban area, it will be enough to get a trimmer with a cutting width of about 26 cm.


Rotations, as well as the cutting width, affect the quality of mowing. This indicator shows the number of revolutions per minute.

Cheap models have the maximum 7000, so you can often not even find this pointer on the box.

Devices with higher output can reach up to 12000. In order to choose a trimmer for a garden, it will be enough to find a device with a 6000 speed.

String diameter

This marker shows how thick the stems of individual plants can be in order to be cut by the equipment.

Similar to the cutting width, the smaller the value, the more effort will be required to remove the lawn.

The minimum diameter of the string is 1.5 mm, the maximum is about 3.5 mm.

It makes no sense to buy a trimmer for a suburban area with a string diameter larger than 2 mm to keep the lawn in a good condition.

If you have to deal with many weeds, though you can opt for a thicker string

Cutting system

The trimmer cutting system is the main element that makes the device work. It can be made from durable metals or a soft string.

Durable mower blades will be the best option for unmanaged lawns. The string is suitable for those areas where there is a probability of “cutting” something other than grass.

When hitting hard surfaces, the string will not break like blades. However, thick grass can be a problem, as the grass may get stuck in the system.

The third type of trimmers is battery-powered. Models of this type are the least represented on the market due to low demand.

The disadvantage of such trimmers is that the battery is bulky, and it usually lasts no more than 40 minutes.


Attachment types are almost identical but depend on comfort. One belt will be suitable for a short mowing.

Two belts are better for urban service workers involved in city beautification, as such belts will "absorb" some vibration and distribute the weight.

Holding comfort

electric trimmer

This criterion includes the number of slings, shape, and number of handles, as well as balancing adjustment.

If you choose an electric grass trimmer for a small garden, then one handle is quite enough.

Engine location at the top of the handle is better for long mowing than when it is at the bottom. The lower it is, the more pressure it brings to your back.

Tank volume and battery capacity

It's great when you can fill the trimmer with petrol enough for the whole mowing process. Cheap trimmer models hold 300 ml of fuel and work for about 20 minutes.

Trimmer with a tank of up to 1.5 liters can work for about 1 hour.

Self-sufficiency and charging time

Battery-powered models are lighter than petrol models and more autonomous than electric but they only operate for no more than an hour. The indicator is measured in amperes.

For example, 1 amp per hour will be enough for 15 minutes of continuous operation. However, to justify battery models, I can say that they are charged fast.

Length adjustment


The shaft is an extension of the trimmer handle that comes in several shapes: D - maneuverable, J - safe, T - suitable for long, continuous operation.

There are also curved, retractable, and non-retractable shafts.

A telescopic shaft will increase its length by about 20% which can be handy when you are dealing with hard-to-reach areas.

Or you can check out long reach hedge trimmers at designed for towering hedges.​

Petrol and electric trimmers comparison

Before choosing petrol or electric trimmer, you must first understand the purpose of the device and operating conditions.

A petrol trimmer is suitable in the following cases:

  • Dense stems on the lawn;
  • No outlet access;
  • Long hours of work;
  • Harmful gases, produced during operation, are unimportant;
  • A strong person capable of holding the heavy equipment.

Choose an electric device if:

  • The grass on the area is soft and homogeneous;
  • There is outlet access;
  • You care about the environment;
  • There's no need to work for a long time;
  • Low weight is important;
  • There are budget restrictions (the prices start from $25);
  • The loud noise is a no-go.

Thus, to save money, you need to opt for a light and eco-friendly electric trimmer.

But, in more severe conditions of grass stiffness and lack of power supply nearby, you will need a more powerful model.


When choosing a cutting device, it is important to understand the conditions for which it is purchased.

Thanks to the wide choice in the market, you will be able to choose the most acceptable and convenient option in the price-quality ratio.

Last updated on September 26th, 2020 at 08:38 am

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