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Winter is Coming: 5 DIY Backyard Fireplaces that Won’t Cost you a Fortune

Now that you have purchased a home, you can start to customize your backyard or patio space to make it yours.

While looking at houses for sale, you likely paid particular attention to the yards that came with them. Many people who bought a home make DIY backyard firepits to entertain and relax besides during the cooler fall and winter months.

There are plenty of inexpensive options out there if you want something quick, easy, and cheap that you can enjoy this weekend. Here are just a few of the best affordable DIY firepit designs.

Retaining Wall Firepit

If you want a circle firepit, consider trying to make it from gray retaining wall blocks. Purchase blocks meant to circle a tree or curvy and then place them in a circle over a bald spot in your yard.

You will need approximately ten cement blocks per tier, and depending on the height you want for your fire pit, you will need three to four tiers.

If you just purchased a home and need an affordable option, this is a great no-frills firepit that doesn’t require the use of any bonding materials.

Portable & Elegant Fire Bowl

If you want a smaller, portable fire pit solution – take a look at this elegant tabletop fire bowl. The charm of the fire bowl is that it is a non-permanent solution that you can use until you determine where you want to install a more permanent fire pit.

To make, take a large ceramic or glass bowl and fill it with quickset concrete. Place a can in the middle to hold a spot for the fire and decorate the top edges with river rocks. After it dries, place the flame in the can and sit back and relax anywhere in your yard.

Rock Fire Pit

On the other hand, if you need an outdoor kitchen on short notice that is temporary, using rocks to build it is the perfect DIY solution. After you bought a house, you can make anything in the yard permanent, so select a spot and then find the desired rocks, an excellent place to look is a nearby river or stream.

Dig a hole a few inches into the ground and then fill it with chosen rocks. Place smaller stones on the bottom along the sides of the base to fill any holes towards the bottom. Build up the rocks anywhere from 12-16 inches and then fill any gaps with smaller stones.

Flowerpot Fire Pit

Add some warm ambiance to your porch with this fun fire pit made out of a plastic flowerpot. Take a large pot, coat it with non-stick cooking spray, and fill it with concrete. Before it dries, set a gel fuel canister coated in non-stick cooking spray inside of it.

Also, add a few river rocks or beach glass onto the top of the pot as accents. Once it dries, pop the cement out of the flowerpot, and you will have a fire pit ready to go. Create a few of these to add light and warmth to an outdoor patio event.

Square Fire Pit

If you are not too handy with your hands but purchased a home and want a fire pit now, try building a square fire pit. Dig a four-inch deep hole in the ground where you want it to go, remove the sod/grass/turf, and then level the hole off with paver sand.

Place square cement wall blocks on top of the sand for the base and then build a square out of rectangular cement wall blocks to form the walls. Boom. Just like that, you have a DIY fire pit in your back yard.

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