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7 Popular Lawn Mower Problems and Solutions

As the spring season comes, the greener grass and bright sunlight come with it. Untidy grass gives a bad look to your house and even your eyes and now is the time to make the grass neat and clean.

So for that, you might be thinking that your lawn needs mowing.

The mower may help you with this, but what happens when this machine of yours stops serving you and start having trouble.

There might be many problems that can happen to your mower, but there is the one which happens commonly with your mower.

Some most common and popular problems related to lawnmower are mentioned here.

The engine is not cranking

Sometimes the problem does not lie in technicality; sometimes a small repair can fix your machine.

If the engine is not cranking, make sure to check all the safety feature first, check brakes mowing deck and operator.

If everything is turned on, now go for the battery check. Make sure the terminals are attached to their accurate places, for

Example, the negative cable, is accurately attached to the neg terminal of the battery, it usually has NEG or (-) sign on it or vice versa.

Sometimes the grip gets loose. Check the specific gravity of the battery by a hydrometer. The fluid may vary in different cells and the fully charged specific gravity of 1.250.

You can use distilled water to fill those cells. But make sure to be vigilant because the batteries contain sulphuric acid and can be extremely dangerous for you.

It won’t start

Another most common trouble the owner’s face is that the mower refuses to get started. Fuel level should be check before you are going to use the mower.

Without the proper fuel, the carburetor won’t start.

There might be another possibility, that there is some blockage in the fuel line. For this, all you can do is to replace the filter.

Another carburetor related issue is that it might have a problem in the spark plug. It may also cause the machine to stop working.

You can simply use spark plug tester to check whether it is working or not. Remove the faulty plug and replace it with an accurate one. Make sure that it fits well.

Smoke coming out of the engine

The most common cause of having smoke coming out of the engine is when the oil chamber is overly filled. Check the oil chamber and make it according to the use.

This problem should go away when the excess oil burns off. Another cause of the smoke might be the bunged air filter.

When the engine pulls the oil from the ring pistons, these bunged air filters make the engine to make some clouds of smoke.

Changing pistons and filter regularly can be a good option to get rid of the problem like this.

Out of gas

Every machine has its life span even everything has some lifespan, one day it will stop working, but there might be some reason.

Maybe you have forgotten something like we use food as our fuel, the machine needs gas to work on.

Whenever the mower say that I won’t start, you need to check if it is out of gas?

In many cases, it happens, and it is quite simple to have a lawnmower gas can in the house, so whenever to get short of gas you can easily manage to get it filled again.


Overheating is the most common and the problem which can be easily tackled, but if the machine keeps on raising the temperature, there is bad news for you.

So before getting into big trouble, you can simply handle it wisely before it gets worse.

The overheating problem can be caused because of the problem in the cooling fins; they might be clogged and needs repair. The cooling fin is present in the cylinders of the engine.

Some stuff like grass or debris might be stuck in those fins. You need to remove those blockages.

Bumps in rides

It is possible that the reel mower you are using is going to give you a bumpy ride. It happens when it gets short of the oil.

It can also cause excessive vibrations because you have been using it over some really heavy stones and sewer lids which can cause some parts to get damaged.

Make sure to ask some mechanical person about the damage which has been done.

The rope is hard to pull

The lawnmower usually works with a starter rope; if the rope s not getting pulled easily, you need to check the flywheel, the flywheel may be pressing against the handle, if not then do for the lawnmower blade.

The clipping might be stuck in the blade, or the blade is dragging to the ground.

Shut the mower down and check the clipping, remove all the dirt and debris from the blade carefully.

Now try to restart the mower again, if the problem remains there, then some part of the mower is not working accurately. So now you need to ask some professional help.

Machines have a lifespan, which relies on the fuel and the proper maintenance of the parts of the machine.

Sometimes the things start telling you that there is something wrong going on with me. To prevent all such problems you need to use them regularly so that it does not get jammed and helps you.

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