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Who Makes Craftsman Mowers?

Craftsman is a popular, well-respected brand known for making home and garden tools and equipment.

Sears created the brand in 1927, and although it has been around for a long time, it doesn’t make its own lawnmowers—it outsources them to other companies.

Companies interested in making the lawnmowers for the brand place their bids every 3 years.

Who makes Craftsman mowers?

Over the years, Craftsman lawnmowers have been manufactured by various manufacturers, including: Moore, MTD, and Husqvarna.

At the moment, different Craftsman lawnmower brands are made by different companies.

Craftsman LT Series

MTD makes these. The lawnmowers are gray, low end, and a large, plastic hood scoop characterizes them.

Craftsman professional tractors

MTD also makes these, and like the LT series lawn tractors, they are characterized by a plastic hood scoop.

Craftsman YT series

Husqvarna makes this series. Lawnmowers in this series are all metal which makes them stand out compare to the MTD mowers.

Zero-turn tractors

Bobcat makes these heavy machines.

Craftsman Garden Tractors

Currently, Craftsman has only one style of garden tractor. The accelerator and its made by Husqvarna. Like other Husqvarna-made tractors, it has a metal hood.

What else does Craftsman make?

Craftsman products are put into six categories: power tools, smart products, lawn and garden items, hand tools, storage, garage products, and Craftsman gear. This means in addition to lawnmowers, the brand makes and sells other products.

The hand tools give the brand the widest selection of products that include:

  • Specialty tools
  • Sockets
  • Open stock hand tools
  • General toolsets

We can say that Craftsman products are many and utilitarian, and if you are a lover of the brand, there is no reason you shouldn’t go for it.

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