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Best Gazebo For Windy Areas/High Winds

re you looking for the best gazebo for windy areas/high winds? You are in the right place.

Gazebos are freestanding, open-sided structures that feature a solid roof and a floor.

Although, they are traditionally made from wood, now you can find gazebos made from all types of materials including: stone, metal, and even reinforced concrete.

The floor is often raised by one or two steps made from wood, brick, stone, or concrete.

The roof, is often clad in cedar shakes, although, there are others made from other materials such as slate and copper.

Best Gazebo for windy areas/high winds comparison table

Sunjoy 10' X 10’ Summer Breeze Soft Top Gazebo
Christopher Knight Home CKH Skyline Gazebo, Nutmeg
Quictent 10x20 Party Tent Outdoor Gazebo Wedding Canopy for Backyard with Removable Sidewalls & Elegant Church
Coen D-GZ076PST-D Madison Gazebo Softtop, Brown
Sunjoy 10' X 10’ Summer Breeze Soft Top Gazebo
Christopher Knight Home CKH Skyline Gazebo, Nutmeg
Quictent 10x20 Party Tent Outdoor Gazebo Wedding Canopy for Backyard with Removable Sidewalls & Elegant Church
Coen D-GZ076PST-D Madison Gazebo Softtop, Brown
Sunjoy 10' X 10’ Summer Breeze Soft Top Gazebo
Sunjoy 10' X 10’ Summer Breeze Soft Top Gazebo
Christopher Knight Home CKH Skyline Gazebo, Nutmeg
Christopher Knight Home CKH Skyline Gazebo, Nutmeg
Quictent 10x20 Party Tent Outdoor Gazebo Wedding Canopy for Backyard with Removable Sidewalls & Elegant Church
Quictent 10x20 Party Tent Outdoor Gazebo Wedding Canopy for Backyard with Removable Sidewalls & Elegant Church
Coen D-GZ076PST-D Madison Gazebo Softtop, Brown
Coen D-GZ076PST-D Madison Gazebo Softtop, Brown

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Our Recommendation Of The Best Gazebo For Windy Areas/High Winds

When you are looking for the best gazebos for windy areas you should know there are many of them in the market that you can go for. Some of the best ones are:

1. Barton 10 X 13 FT garden gazebo, fully enclosed 

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Since you live in a windy area, you need an enclosed unit that will keep off most of the wind. There are plenty of reasons why you should go for this unit.

First off all, it’s made by Barton that is known for its high quality products.

When I bought this unit, one of the things that caught my attention is the design of the frame.

There is a curvature on the leg posts that gives you peace of mind that the gazebo will withstand the strong winds in your area.

As mentioned above, the tent is fully enclosed; therefore, if you live in an area without trees to break the wind, the unit will give you the protection that you are looking for.

The canvas used in making the gazebo has double stitching, Velcro, and good zippers.

For you to have an easy time putting up the tent, the unit comes with a zipper release the top.

All you need to do is to release it and remove the canopy top.

For you to prevent the wind from blowing up the tent you should assemble it properly. You should start with the legs and feet, then the cross pieces.

Once the legs are firmly in place, you will have an easy time putting the lest of the parts together.

One of the challenges I came across was getting the top on. You should have someone to help you with pushing the center bar upwards.

You should be keen when installing the screens as you can easily install them the wrong way and you will have to repeat the process all over.

The cool thing is that the company sends the unit together with pictures to guide you through. You should carefully follow the pictures.


  • High quality canvas
  • Easy to install
  • Bug screens prevented mosquitoes and other bugs from getting in
  • Beautiful design
  • Mosquito netting included
  • Vented roof with water-resistant material
  • Fully enclosed


  • While the unit has screens, which is great, there are spaces between the top of the screens where bugs can get in.
  • The pictures are great as guides but tend to leave out some sensitive information that you have to figure out on your own.

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2. Sunjoy 10′ X 10’ Summer Breeze Soft Top Gazebo 

Sunjoy 10' X 10’ Summer Breeze Soft Top Gazebo
  • Built from durable Steel with power-coated finish
  • Keep your summer parties cool and comfortable
  • Easy to assemble

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I live on the gulf coast. As you know, these areas are frequented by heavy winds and rain; therefore, when I was looking to make a purchase, I was looking for a high quality unit that would withstand the weather.

That is when I bumped into this.

I have to say that it’s one of the best units I have come across.

The gazebo has four corner posts that are large and round. To hold it in place, you should attach the base to your deck.

If you have interacted with round poles, you will agree with me that they are much stronger and less likely to bend in times of heavy winds.

The canopy is made from a thick, tightly-woven fabric that is reinforced in all seams.

This gives you peace of mind that it will last for a long time regardless of the tough weather conditions.

After making the purchase, I was very impressed by the fact that the gazebo was very easy to put together. In under two hours, I was done with the work.

When you are installing it, you should consider letting the canopy sit in the hot sun for sometime in order to warm the fabric.

This will make it easy for you to pull it taut over the problematic final corner.

For a permanent installation, you should get heavy duty tapping screws that you will use to attach to the decking.

If you haven’t constructed a deck, you don’t have to worry as you can attach the unit to the ground.

If you have the budget, you can buy PVC floor drain grills from your local home improvement store and fit them at the bottom of the gazebo legs.

You should then fill the legs with pea rock or any other heavy material that will prevent the gazebo from being blown away.


  • Very sturdy
  • Made from steel
  • Rust resistant
  • High quality material
  • A wide range of anchoring options
  • Easy to install
  • Not only keeps wind off, it also keeps rain and snow off
  • Beautiful design


  • Made in china​

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3. Sonoma outdoor gazebo 

Christopher Knight Home CKH Skyline Gazebo, Nutmeg
  • High Quality Materials: Our gazebo is designed to make your outdoor space the place you want to be. A durable polyester cover in relaxing shades of beige or brown keeps you covered and comfortable, while the sturdy black steel frame is built to last
  • Shade for All Occasions: Two types of netting are built in, allowing you to adjust the coverage to fit your needs. Tired of pests interrupting your dinner party? Simply untie the mosquito netting and zip closed. If you’re looking for a little extra shade, use the solid door flap panels to keep the sun at bay
  • Weatherproof Design: We crafted our large outdoor gazebo canopy from heavy duty, weatherproof materials, for a sleek outdoor feature that can withstand the elements season after season. Placing dining sets, couches, or lounge chairs inside will let you entertain guests outdoors all year round

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I came across this gazebo after the previous one was literally lifted off the ground and perched over the lamp post.

The interesting thing is that I had already staked it. After this incidence, I decided to undertake thorough research before I could buy another.

I have been having this gazebo for the last six months and it hasn’t developed any issues.

We have had heavy rains this year and the unit has held up very well.

When its only raining, the gazebo holds up beautifully and everything underneath remains dry.

However, when there is a very fast heavy downpour, water tends to gather in the pockets. The good thing is that it’s easy to empty the pockets.

All you need to do is to push them with your hands or broom.

The gazebo has not only held up very well when it rains, it also has been of great value when it comes to heavy winds.

I haven’t come across any issues with the unit so far but when the weather report says that the winds are going to be over 50 mph, I often remove the top off.

Removing the top is easy as it will take you no more than five minutes or ten minutes to replace it.

I have some friends that don’t stake their gazebos but due to the strong winds in our area, I purchases canopy weight bags to secure the tent.

If you live in areas of strong winds its wise that you get the weight bags, but if your area isn’t too windy, you don’t have to bother yourself too much with it.

One of the things I like about the tent is that it’s made from high quality material that not only resists the tough weather, it also tends to last for a long time.


  • Made from high quality steel frame
  • Comes with an adjustable netting
  • Easy to put together
  • Great price
  • Comes with curtains to block the sun
  • Tools to assemble come with the gazebo
  • It not only protects you from the wind, it also protects from the sun, snow, bugs and rain


  • ​After attaching the netting and curtains, the flap a lot in the wind which is both annoying and noisy.

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4. Quictent 10′ x 20′ Party Tent Gazebo 

Quictent 10x20 Party Tent Outdoor Gazebo Wedding Canopy for Backyard with Removable Sidewalls & Elegant Church
  • ✅【Period of Coverage】1. Lifetime Replacement for Connectors, Pegs, Ropes, Elastic ropes, etc. 2. 6 months Coverage for Covers and Poles.
  • ✅【Heavy Duty White Powder Coated Tube】32mm (Dia) Heavy Duty Rust Resistant steel framework makes this canopy more durable.
  • ✅【Extra-thick Polyethylene Fabric】Reinforced PE material is Tear-proof, Waterproof, and anti-UV. Industrial grade Cover Fabric for long-lasting durability and protection guaranteed.

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Are you looking to create a party room or you have projects and you don’t have a garage or carport? You should get one of these.

The gazebo is made from high quality white powder coated steel tubes frame that is designed to resist rust.

The design of the frame gives you peace of mind that it won’t bend when the weather gets bad.

The sidewalls are also made from high quality polyethylene that protects you and your guests from the harsh winds.

The sidewalls are white, UV protected and waterproof to keep off the rain.

Since the gazebo is large, you can also use it for other roles other than simply placing it on your yard.

You can use it for picnics, craft tables, sporting events, and many other activities.

I remember when it went for this unit. It was during the holidays and the relatives were coming over for a wedding.

I knew they were going to stay over for a number of days and my small gazebo couldn’t hold them.

On ordering the gazebo, it arrived rather quickly than I expected. I installed it with my son. I found the unit more challenging to install as its large.

I had read that I should use duct tape to secure the seams and that is what I did. Unfortunately, the tape came off after just a few days.

To hold the tent in place, I used sand bags. The tent has been in the same place since then (over a year ago) and I have never had issues with it.

It rains regularly and I can confidently say that it has never leaked once, regardless of the intensity of the rain.


  • Beautiful design
  • Easy to install despite the large size
  • One-year warranty
  • Sidewalls protect you from the strong winds
  • Large enough even for large families
  • High quality polyethylene sidewalls
  • Ideal for different applications


  • ​While it’s easy to install once you figure out how to install it, it’s challenging when you don’t know what you are doing.

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5. Sunjoy 11.4’ X 13.2’ Madison pavilion hex shape soft top gazebo 

Coen D-GZ076PST-D Madison Gazebo Softtop, Brown
  • Supported by durable, powder-coated steel frames which is rust-resistant and can withstand various weather elements
  • Stylish railing along side with shelf
  • Dual-tiered vented canopy feature allows stability against windy conditions

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When I bought this gazebo, there were no reviews about it but due to the great experience I had had with other Sunjoy products, I pulled the trigger and ordered it.

I’m glad I did it.

The unit took just a few days to be delivered in my patio in a large box.

For a unit that big, I thought I would take me the entire day to install it, but it took me slightly less than two hours. It could have taken far less time if I had help.

They say first impressions are everything, right? On first look, I fell in love with it.

The unit is supported by top notch, power-coated steel frames that are rust resistant and are designed to withstand the severe weather conditions.

To give me peace of mind that it’s one of the best gazebos for windy areas, it has a dual-tiered vented canopy feature that allows it to remain steady despite the strong windy conditions.

Due to its large size, you can use the gazebo for a wide range of uses.

You can use it during outdoor parties, birthdays, weddings, functions, and entertainment.

The most unique thing about the gazebo are the many additional features that it comes with, that you can’t find in other units.

For example, it has serving shelf. The unit also has hooks for lights and plants.

While the unit is great and greatly improved the look of my yard, it has one thing I didn’t like about it: it seems too tight that the seams look as if they are about to burst.

During the installation, the last corner of the canopy was too tight to stretch that I had to leave it to avoid bursting the tent.

While it doesn’t affect the look of the tent, it bothers me as I feel the tent would be better with the post in place.

I have had it for over a year now and not once has it leaked or being blown away by the wind.


  • Made from high quality rust resistant steel frames
  • Has a serving shelf
  • Stylish railing
  • Easy to assemble
  • Has hooks to attach lights and plants
  • Vented soft top for wind
  • Made by a reputable company
  • Neat looking hexagon shape that improves the look of the yard


  • Other than the tight fitting nature of the tent, the other thing I didn’t like about it is that it doesn’t come with a netting. When I was out at night, I had to use a netting I had used on my old gazebos.
  • If you don’t already own a netting, you should get one from your local store. You can also get it here.

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Questions to ask yourself when buying a gazebo

Whether you are looking for a private or public gazebo, you should buy the best one.

For you to buy the best gazebo for windy areas you need to ask yourself a number of questions that include:

Why do you need to buy the gazebo?

Why are you buying the unit in the first place? You need to ask yourself this question.

The market is flooded with gazebos of different sizes and designs that are ideal for different uses.

When you define the reason you are buying the unit, you will help the company you are buying from to help you choose the one that is ideal for you.

You can use gazebos for different uses such as: hot tubs, weddings, outdoor living, lounging, playroom, poolside, garden, receptions, outdoor dining, entertaining, and many others.

Once you have defined the role you want to use the unit, you will be on your way to getting a gazebo of your dreams.

What build is ideal for you?

Gazebos come in two broad categories: wooden and vinyl. Each has its pros and cons:

Wooden gazebos

They are made from pine, cedar, bamboo, redwood, and other materials.

They are loved by people as they are sturdy and give your structure a rustic feel.

In addition to being highly cost effective, you can stain and paint the gazebo to any color of your taste.

While the unit has its pros, it also has its fair of setbacks. Due to its porous nature, the unit requires a lot of maintenance for you to maintain its charm all year round.

If you don’t take good care of it (by retaining, repainting, or weatherproofing), the material is likely to warp. The wood can also rot.

Vinyl gazebo

The popularity of this gazebo has risen recently as its maintenance free and greatly improves the look of a building.

When you install it, you don’t have to keep on staining, sealing or treating it.

After the installation you simply sit back and enjoy your investment.

The only maintenance you need to undertake is to clean it. Since the material is easy to clean, you can clean it in a matter of minutes.

Just like a wooden gazebo, a vinyl gazebo has its fair share of downsides. One of the downsides is that it’s expensive.

It also tends to come with a limited selection of colors and appearances. This means that if you are looking to create a unique look, this isn’t the unit for you.

It’s up to you to choose the unit that is ideal for you.

If you don’t mind re-staining, repainting or waterproofing your unit at least once a year, you should go for awooden gazebo.

The same thing applies if you are looking for a unit that is unique and colorful.

Where will you install the gazebo?

In addition to knowing the right gazebo for your use, you also need to think about its application.

Where will you install it? You should note that gazebos are ideal when you install them on flat surfaces.

The location should be informed by the use of the unit. You can install the gazebo in primarily three areas: at a focal point, shaded area, or at the corner of the yard.

Focal point

  • Reception gazebo
  • Wedding gazebo
  • Poolside gazebo
  • Cookout gazebo
  • Kid’s gazebo

Corner of the yard

  • Hot tub gazebo
  • Garden gazebo

How big should the gazebo be?

Gazebos come in different size and it’s up to you to choose the one that is ideal for you.

The right size depends on the use of the unit.

If you want it for private use, you don’t have to go for a large unit unless you have a large family, but if you want a unit where you will be entertaining, you definitely need a large one.

Small gazebos are always about 8’ X 8’ depending on the design. The large ones are 20’ X 40’ and they are rectangular or oval in shape.

What about aesthetics?

These are the details of the gazebo. When looking to buy the unit, you need to think about the roofing, railing, and flooring? Do they fit your ideal unit?


Railings are usually made from wood or vinyl and are designed to match the build of gazebo that you are looking to buy.

The railings come in different styles that include: Dutch, colonial, new England, and Boroque. If you like units with a bottom, you can go with the option.

Do you live in an area with insects and you like staying on your gazebo at night? You should go with railings with sidings.


To create a great impression, it’s wise that you choose posts that match with the railings.

Unlike railings that come in different designs, posts are often of two types: standard or turned. Turned posts often feature a rounded design.


Gazebo roofs are of five main types: standard, cupola, pagoda, bell, and pinnical. You should choose a design that is ideal for you.

After choosing a design, the next thing you should do is to choose the shingles that you want.

Do you want cedar shakes, asphalt, metal, or rubber slates? It’s up to you to make the decision.


You have many flooring options to choose from. You can choose from composite decking, vinyl tropical to cellular PVC.

For a great look, ensure that it matches the design of your gazebo and your entire house or compound.

Who will install the gazebo?

If you have the skills you can install the gazebo by yourself but if you have never installed the unit before, you should hire an expert to help you out.

If you don’t want to spend money hiring someone to help you with the installation, you should get a unit that is ready to assemble.

This means that you should go for a unit with pre-drilled holes and precut lumber. The unit should also come with easy to follow instructions to help you in the installation.

When you are hiring someone to install it for you, you don’t have to worry much about this.

Gazebo installation tips

For you to get the most from your gazebo you need to properly install it. Here are tips on how to go about it:

Choose the right location

Where you install the unit has a great impact on the look that you create. Most people install their gazebos in the backyard or at a place with a great view.

Before you buy a gazebo, take time to ensure that you have enough space to install the unit.

Are you installing a regular gazebo? Ensure that the location is far away from water sources or areas that collect or store water.

If you are planning to construct a large unit where you have hopes of adding a hot tub or spa in the future, you can go ahead and install the unit close to a water source.

Think about the end look

You shouldn’t only think about the use of the gazebo. You also should think about the look that you will create with the unit.

As rule of thumb, you should strive to create the greatest look. Ensure that the architecture of the gazebo matches that of the house.

Get authorization

When you are thinking of installing a large gazebo (more than 100 sq. ft) you shouldn’t simply go ahead and install it as you will be on the wrong side of the law.

Before you install the unit, you should get permission from the local municipality.

Gazebo care

After installing a gazebo, you need to take good care of it. Here are tips on how to do it:

Clean the unit

The most basic maintenance you can do to your gazebo is to clean it regularly. This is to get rid of any pollen, dirt, stains, and organic debris on the unit.

You can clean the unit using a broom or blower.

When it comes to the general cleaning of the unit, you should use soap and water.

Also, don’t shy away from using mild household cleaners if you can get them.

Regardless of how clean you want your gazebo to be, you should be cautious of how you use the pressure washer.

For you to avoid damaging it, ensure that the pressure washers are not more than 1,500 psi.

You also should ensure that they are always over 12” from the gazebo surface.

Are there mold or mildew on the surface? Avoid using the pressure washer as you won’t properly remove it effectively.

Regular inspection

In addition to regularly cleaning the gazebo, you also need to regularly inspect it for any issues it might be having.

You should inspect all the parts of the unit including the screens and roof. When it comes to the roof, ensure that there are no leaves or debris up there.

For the screens, always ensure that the assembly integrity is properly maintained. Are there weak screws or fasteners? Tighten them.

Get rid of materials that might be damaging the gazebo

Hot items such as blowtorches are bound to damage the unit; therefore, you should never use them near or in the gazebo.

For the dryer vents, position them away from the decks.

Heavy materials are also damaging; therefore, you should ensure that they don’t rest on the gazebo rails or posts.

Do you love flowers? While flower pots on the gazebo are beautiful, you should note that they prohibit water evaporation.

As a result, they bring about staining on the deck surface.

Repair faulty parts immediately

Even with the best care, it’s common for the gazebo to develop problems. Many people ignore the problems, especially when they are minor. Don’t do this.

Remember, that it’s the small problems that enlarge, getting worse. If you don’t fix the problems early enough, you might end up having to replace the unit.

For you to be on the safe side, fix the problems as soon as they come about, regardless of how minor they might be.

Tips for a perfect gazebo

Everyone wants a perfect gazebo. Do you also want one? Here are tips that you should follow to make it possible:

Put it up properly

There is no way you are going to have a perfect gazebo if you don’t put it up properly.

There are three main ways in which you can put up the unit: building one from scratch, putting together a kit, and commissioning an original design.

For you construct a gazebo from scratch you need to have excellent carpentry skills. You also need to have the right plans in place.

The cool thing is that there are plenty of resources such as this one that you can use.

If you don’t have advanced carpentry skills and looking for a more manageable way to install the unit, you should consider assembling it from a kit.

Here you only need to buy an already constructed unit and all you need to do is to put together the pieces.

You can do the work by yourself or hire a contractor to help you out.

When you hire a contractor, you should expect to pay at least $500 as labor costs.

Many people have the impression that commissioning a gazebo is more expensive than building one from scratch or assembling a high quality kit, but this isn’t always the case.

You only need to do your research and find great places to find the original design.

The cool thing with commissioning the gazebo is that you get to have a properly customized design.

Plan ahead

Just like anything in life, you need to plan the construction of your gazebo ahead.

Of course, you need to think about the size that is ideal for you and the use of the unit. You also need to think about where you will be installing it.

When choosing a site for the unit, avoid low-lying areas where water is likely to collect.

Always set the unit on a level or elevated spot.

This is to keep it and you dry all the time. Installing it here has also been shown to maximize the view.

The building codes in your area dictate the type of foundation that you should construct; therefore, you should always consult your local authorities about it.

In most cases, when you are installing a small structure, you can install it on concrete blocks or pressure-treated timber laid directly on the ground.

When you are installing a large unit on the other hand, you will need concrete piers or continuous concrete footing dug down to the frost line.

If you are living in an area where frost isn’t a problem, you can have footings that even as deep as 18 inches deep.

Ensure the bells and whistles are in place

What will make your gazebo great is paying attention to the details. You should think about the electrical wiring.

Think about the design of illumination that will not only properly illuminate the insides of the unit, but one that will also make it more attractive.

For example, you can think about installing pool lights in the floor in order to provide lighting that will bolster the role of the gazebo.

This way the gazebo will not only be a garden feature, it also will serve as a source of exterior light.

You can also consider screening the sides of the gazebo in order to deter mosquitoes from destructing you.

The screens also help you in controlling the air that gets in and out of the unit.

Work with the right contractor

Finally, the contractor you hire has a great impact on the quality of gazebo that you have.

As rule of thumb, you should work with a highly experienced contractor who will not only help with the installation of the unit, but also make recommendations that will improve the look of the gazebo.


These are some of the best gazebos for windy areas. when you are buying the pieces, you should go for high quality pieces that you are sure will last for a long time.

As rule of thumb, ensure that the pieces have all the features that will allow them to withstand the strong winds.

You also should buy the pieces from a reputable company.

You should note that after buying the units, it’s your responsibility to take good care of them so that they can last for a long time.

As rule of thumb, you should clean them regularly.

It’s common for the gazebos to tear or get loose after sometime. When this happens, you should repair it as soon as possible.

Some people ignore the tears when they are small, but don’t do it. Remember, the more you ignore them the worse they get with time.

On my 15th birthday, I became the designated gardener in my home.

Now at 32, I have a small garden and every day I'm out trying different plants and seeing how they grow. I grow guavas, peaches, onions, and many others. Want to know more about me? Read it here.

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