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How Can I Listen To Music While Mowing?

Listening to music is one of the ways to make mowing (a boring task) more exciting.

If you are one of the people who love enticing your mowing with music and wondering how you can effectively do it, right?

The best way to do it is to use good quality outside-the-ear headphones. Unlike earbuds that deliver music directly into the ear, putting you at the risk of hearing loss, headphones provide a buffering space between the music and ear canal.

While there are many headphones in the market you can go for, one of the best we have come across are the 3M worktunes.

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The headphones have an AM/FM radio with half MHZ tuning that allows you to scan and set your preferred radio stations easily.

The devices provide Bluetooth connectivity, and you can connect your laptop, phone, iPad, or any other device to the headphones.

The most attractive thing about these headphones is that besides blocking the lawnmower noise, you don’t need to raise the music to ultra-high volumes, they only go up to 85 dB.

This means that you can never hurt your ears even when you raise the volume to the maximum.

3M work tunes are the best headphones we have come across, but other people have reported great results using other devices such as Peltor headphones, iPods, etc.

Regardless of the device, you use to listen to your music, ensure that it first protects your hearing. This means that it must be blocking the lawnmower noise from getting to your ears.

The last thing you want is to try to cover the lawnmower noise using music, as you will have to raise the volume to the highest level, making things worse.

When buying the headphones, ensure that they have a tight seal that keeps out as much noise as possible. With most of the lawnmower noise outside, you won’t need to raise the volume to protect your ears.

Valuable tips when listening to music during lawn mowing

While 3M worktunes emit a maximum sound of 85 decibels, other headphones and earbuds in the market emit much higher decibels. To protect yourself from suffering from hearing loss, follow the 60/60 rule.

This means that your maximum volume should be 60% of the device’s capability. For example, if your device has a volume range of 1 to 10, the highest volume you should set is 6.

Never listen to music at 85 dB or higher, as you will be damaging your ears. Get yourself a pair of 3M work tunes or any other headphones with a set maximum dB level to avoid being worried that you are listening to the music too loudly.

While they produce great sound, earbuds aren’t healthy when mowing as they don’t block lawnmower noise.

If you have an electric or small lawnmower, you can wear the earbuds for music, but take care that you don’t shove them too far as you can easily damage your ears.

As much as music makes mowing more fun, it can be a distraction, so be cautious when using them.

As a rule of thumb, don’t raise the volume too high that you can’t tell what is going around you. A tell-tale sign that the volume is too high is if other people can hear your headphones.

Other ways to make mowing fun

Besides listening to music, there are plenty of other ways to make mowing fun. These ways include:

Listen to an audiobook or podcast

If listening to music isn’t your thing, why not learn something new as you are mowing? Luckily, there are plenty of audiobooks in the market you can download and listen to as you mow. Of course, to enjoy the book, you have to pick something that interests you.

Aim to beat a mowing record

Are you competitive? How about you compete against yourself? Here you need to divide your lawn into sections and then mow as fast as possible in each area. To make it interesting, try to beat the previous time.

To avoid being careless in your mowing, penalize yourself for every patch of grass you miss. For example, add 10 seconds for every patch you miss.

Make your mowing gear more efficient.

The same way you enjoy riding a well-maintained car is the same way you will enjoy well-maintained and efficient lawn mowing equipment.

Before mowing, go over the machine and ensure there are no loose parts, areas that need oiling, or anything that might drive you crazy.

Invest in cool mowing machines

There is no denying it. Investing in a cool lawn mowing machine will make the mowing task more exciting, and you are more likely to spend more time on your lawn.

And do you know the cool side? There are many cool machines you can buy.

See the video below for ideas:

Mow in exciting patterns

Mowing in the standard straight rows can be boring, so you should spruce things up by mowing in unique patterns.

One day you can start from one corner and cut back and forth, creating parallel diagonal lines. The next time, start next to the tree and cut in circles.

You can even combine the patterns to make it more fun.

You will spend more time mowing in patterns, but it won’t be routine and boring as mowing in straight rows.

For ideas on some of the mowing patterns you can try out, read this article.

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