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6 Situations That Will Damage Your Ears

For you to avoid suffering from noise-induced hearing loss, you need to protect your hearing.

This calls for you to avoid situations that expose you to extreme noise. Some of these situations include:

Listening to loud music

There is nothing wrong with listening to music. In fact, music is therapeutic. All you need to do is to listen to it at low volume—below 85 decibels.

According to a researcher at Cleveland Clinic, you are bound to damage your hearing when you listen to your iPod at over 85 decibels.

According to the researcher, listening to music at 100-115 decibels for eight minutes instantly damage the ears.

For you to prevent the damage, you should always listen to music at a low volume.

Exercising in a noisy gym

The gym is the best place to be for you to be healthy. While you might be building your muscles at the gym, you will be hurting your ears when you exercise in a noisy gym.

When you get into a gym, and you find it blaring loud music that is damaging to your ears, ask the manager to turn it down.

You also should consider turning it down if you can.

Another great way is wearing earplugs, earmuffs, or any other of your favorite hearing protection devices to the gym.

The devices block the noise so that you are comfortable when working. You can use radio headphones or any other.

Attending loud concerts, bars, and church services

You indeed go to bars and concerts to have fun, but did you know you can damage your hearing in the process?

Most of these places play music that is way past the 90-decibel limit. The church might seem innocuous, but the music is even louder than this.

To add insult to injury, the churches use rock instead of organ music.

While the music is appealing to the younger crowd, it causes damage to the ears. A telltale sign that the bar, concert, or church is noisy is ringing or pain in the ears.

When you find yourself in such a situation, you are better off walking out. You also should consider wearing earplugs that will help in attenuating the noise.

Undertaking noisy home improvement projects

Hand drills, chainsaws, lawnmowers, and other machines you use to improve your home’s appeal make more than 100 decibels of noise that is harmful to your ears.

The key to avoiding damaging your ears when engaging in these activities is to wear the right hearing protection devices.

For example, you should wear the right hearing protection for lawn mowing. There are also many hearing protection devices for construction you can use.


When hunting, you use guns which, as you know, make sharp noises that are dangerous to the ears.

Firearms produce up to 140 decibels of noise that you need to block to maintain healthy ears.

The cool thing is that there are plenty of shooting earmuffs and earplugs you can use to attenuate the noise.

Handling homemade fireworks

Did you know that fireworks produce a painful 150 decibels of noise? Yes, they are that loud. While they might be fun to watch, they can cause serious damage to the ears.

Whether you are the one making the fireworks or you are simply watching it, you need to protect your hearing.

The cool thing is that there are plenty of hearing protection for fireworks you can go for.

Parting shot

It’s paramount that you protect your hearing when you are in situations where you are exposed to extreme noise levels.

When buying the hearing protection devices, ensure they are of high quality. They also should be of the right size so that you can be comfortable when wearing them.

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