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How Much Does A Cubic Foot Of Sand Weigh?

For us to tell how much does a cubic foot of sand weigh, we need to know how to convert a cubic foot to pounds.

Step 1

From your math’s class you know that:

1m = 3. 28084 foot


1 m3 = (2.2808)3

= 35. 3147 cubic feet

Step 2

We have to consider the density of sand.

The density of sand is 3527.396 pounds/m3

Equating step 1 and step 2

  1. 3147 cubic feet = 3527. 396 pounds


1 cubic foot = 3527.396/35.314

=99.887 pounds.

So we can conclusively say that a cubic foot of sand weighs 99.887 pounds or approximately 100 pounds.

No sand is created equal

When buying sand, you should note that there are many types of sand you can buy. Course sand, also known as yellow sand or builder’s sand allows plenty of water to pass through so that it gets to the roots fast.

The soil also allows oxygen and other gases to easily flow though the soil.

Mixed sand is necessary when you have a clay soil base. When you add mixed soil, you add a bit of organic matter that provides the plants with more nutrients.

You should mix sand with potting soil in large batches for small gardens. If doing it for large gardens, till the land with a rake.

When making the purchase, be on the lookout for beach sand. This sand has silicon dioxide or quartz. It’s rocky and doesn’t provide the plants with the space to find enough water and oxygen.

You also should avoid clay sand. While it’s often dried and screened for children and landscaping areas, it also doesn’t provide enough pockets for air and water so the plants don’t thrive as well as they should.

On my 15th birthday, I became the designated gardener in my home.

Now at 32, I have a small garden and every day I'm out trying different plants and seeing how they grow. I grow guavas, peaches, onions, and many others. Want to know more about me? Read it here.

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