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How To Edge A Lawn By Hand And Other Valuable Tips

Lawn edging cleans up the sides of walkways or flowerbeds leaving your lawn looking clean and well maintained. Edging the lawn has also been shown to increase the value of the lawn.

As a result of this, you are more likely to sell the house at a higher price in the event you choose to sell it.

Another advantage of edging the lawn is creating a barrier between the lawn and the garden.

If you have a garden, flower bed, or any other area, you want to keep it looking great and the last thing you want is grass crawling on it.

By properly edging the lawn you prevent the grass from getting to your garden thus you don’t have to constantly weed it.

The practice also prevents mulch, seeds, and soil from spilling over into the lawn.

People that regularly edge their lawns report that the practice makes it easy for them to mow the lawn.

This is because doing so creates a visual line so that you can tell where to mow or trim up to.

How to edge a lawn by hand

The way I understand it is that you don’t use your bare hands to edge the lawn. You use edging tools that require your manual hands to accomplish the work.

For you to edge a lawn by hand, you require a number of things that include:

Spray paint: You use this to mark the area you want to edge. The paint gives you a guide on the path you should follow to give your lawn a straight look.

Wheelbarrow: While some people prefer tossing the grass and dirt back into the garden, I often like putting it in a wheelbarrow after which I discard it.

The reason for this is because in addition to grass, there are also sticks, dirt, and rocks that would look ugly on my garden.

You can still toss them in the garden if you like. It’s your choice.

Gloves: They are important as you will have to collect the grass and the sticks and put them in the wheelbarrow.

The gloves not only protect you from the dirt, they also prevent blisters from coming about as a result of holding the edging tools for a long time.

Garden spade or half-moon edger: You can use any of these tools in your edging project. When properly used, any of the tools will give you a clean, straight edge.

Heavy duty boots: The garden spade will require you to press it into the ground with your foot. For you to have an easy time doing it, you need to have heavy duty boots on.

There are plenty of shoes such as steel toed boots and many others you can choose from.

You just need to ensure that they are of high quality and of the right size so that you can have an easy time using them.

How should you go about the process of edging the lawn by hand?

The process is very simple. You should start by spraying a line on the area you want to edge.

You should think about this beforehand as you don’t want to keep on changing your mind on where the line should be. The best way of going about it is thinking about the size of the garden you are edging.

After making the decision, place your edging tool on the painted line and push it down with your foot. For ideal results, push it at a 90-degree angle.

Push the tool at least 4 inches deep. You should be keen about electrical wires and other things underground.

After pushing the tool in the ground, rock it backwards to pick the dirt and grass. You should throw the dirt in the wheelbarrow if you are into it. You

You should continue doing this until you have covered the entire covered area.

Once you are done, clean up the excess dirt, grass, and rocks that might be on the lawn. While you are at it, also clean the edging tool you were using.

Other ways of edging the lawn

Other than using hands to edge the lawn, there are plenty of other ways of edging it. Some of these other ways include:

Using a power edger

A power edger is great as its easier to use. For you to get the most from it you need to buy the right one. When making the purchase, go for one that is cheap, light, and straight.

A light machine makes it easier for you to use it especially if you have to hold it up for a long time.

In addition to the edger, you also should invest in one or two replacement blades.

These too shouldn’t be expensive, but ensure they are of high quality so that they can last for a long time.

When using the unit, you should be rigid to avoid making lines where you don’t want to. You shouldn’t be in a hurry when edging. This is to avoid doing it the wrong way.

For you to achieve a clean look, you should note that you may have to re-edge the same area over and over.

Half-mood edger

This edging tool has a large blade that resembles a half moon with an overhanging lip in the middle of a circle.

The lip of the machine hits against the soil at a uniform level every time you are using it on the ground.

The best way of using the tool is driving it into the ground the same way you would a shovel. Drive it down until you hit the ground.

For you to have an easy time, you should rock the edger from side to side.

Once you hit the ground, gently pull the handle back in order to dig the soil and define the edge. Just like any other edging tool, you need to maintain the tool.

This calls for you to clean off any dirt or debris that might be on the tool. You also should regularly file away the edges of the tool to keep them sharp.

Lawn edging tips

For you to properly edge your lawn, you should consider a number of tips. These tips include:

Pay attention to uneven lawn edges: Does your lawn have broken, uneven, or ragged edges? Don’t worry too much about it.

The best way of fixing it is using a sharp spade. You can also use a half-mood edging iron to re-cut it to its desired shape.

If you are having problems keeping straight lines, use a short wood plank or any other similar cutting guide. Are you one of the few people that like perfect wavy edges?

Use a garden hose. Use the hose to map out the curves and also act as a cutting guide.

When edging the lawn, you should note that you may have to re-cut the edges for you to have a perfect lawn.

This is especially if you have a sandy soil that is prone to crumbling every now and then.

Fix broken lawn edges: Broken lawn edges give your lawn an untidy look. The edges also make mowing and edging more difficult.

For you to give your lawn a perfect look and also make mowing easier, you need to fix the lawn.

The best way of doing this is using a sharp spade or half-moon edging tool. Using the tool, cut a square section of turf containing the broken edge.

You should remove the turf and turn it around through 180 degrees.

This is to ensure that the broken edge is within the lawn and one of the straight edges aligns with the edge of the lawn.

After doing this, fill the broken area with sieved garden soil or potting compost. Your next step should be to level the ground and re-seed the area with fresh grass seed.

For the grass to be green and healthy you will have to water it.

Edging The Lawn​

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