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How To Lace Boots Military Style

While there are many ways you can lace your work boots, one of the most effective ways is using the military-style.

Why you should lace boots military style

There are plenty of benefits that come with lacing your work boots the military-style. Some of these benefits include:

  • Comfort
  • Neatness
  • Ease of lacing
  • Boot fitting
  • Lacing style varieties

You can lace boots military style in different ways that include:

Army lacing

how to lace boots military style

This is an inside-out version of bow tie lacing that gives your work boots a loose fit, provides your feet with more flex, and gives you longer ends.

Start by checking the number of eyelet pairs that your work boot has.

If it has an even number of eyelets, start threading the lace through the bottom eyelets from the inside and pulling the laces out.

If on the other hand, you have an odd number of eyelet pairs, begin threading the lace straight across the bottom eyelets from the outside in.

You can use the laces that came with the work boots or you can use your own. Once you have the lace,  start lacing your work shoes.

Start with one end of the laces and run it diagonally through the inside of the next eyelet.

When it comes to the second pair of eyelets closest to the bottom, lace them the same way. Repeat this process until you reach the other end of the lace.

When lacing the work boot, ensure that the diagonal lace runs under the horizontal lace at the bottom—it shouldn’t run on top of it.

When you are done, your laces should have one crisscross and be on the outside of the work boot.

Your next step should be to run the laces vertically through the next eyelet. All you need to do is to take the lace and run it directly through the eyelet that is directly above it.

Do this for both laces. You should do this by running the laces through the next eyelet by going outside in.

When you do this, you will have one horizontal portion of the laces at the bottom eyelet, one crisscross above it, and two eyelets with the laces running vertically through them.

Ensure that the laces are on the inside of the work boot.

Continue the diagonal and vertical lacing until you reach the top of the work boot. When doing it, ensure that you maintain the order. This means that if you go right over left, do the same for the diagonal lace.

When you reach the end of the work boot, tie the laces in a bow.

You can also tuck the ends in. When you do this you will end up with the laces on the inside of your work boots.

If you want a cleaner look, tie the bow like you regularly tie your regular shoes.

Sometimes you might find yourself with enough length. In such a scenario, wrap the laces around your boot and tie a knot in the front, tucking it behind the tongue.

Ladder lacing

how to lace boots military style

The ladder style of lacing is common with paratroopers and ceremonial guard units. The shoelaces weave vertically and horizontally, forming a secure “ladder.”

The attractive thing with the lacing technique is that it gives your boots a distinctive look and the work boot stays tight all the time.

The only flaw with the technique is that it’s usually harder to tighten especially when doing it for the first time.

The technique is not ideal for all types of work boots—it works for higher boots with plenty of eyelets.

Start by finding the right pair of laces. Choose laces that are long enough for the height of the boot.

Begin running the laces straight across the bottom eyelets. Here you need to start the laces the same way as you do with the diagonal laces where you run the laces underneath the bottom eyelet.

Instead of running the laces diagonally as you usually do, run each end vertically through the next eyelet up—this time going from the outside in. At this point, the laces should be on the inside of the work boots.

Your next step should be to lace the over the tongue of the work boots. Run the lace under the section of the lace that is connecting two eyelets vertically.

Instead of threading the lace through an eyelet, thread it through the section of the vertical lace on the outside of the work boot.

Do this for both ends of the laces. Once you are done you should have the laces on the outside of the ironworker work boot.

Bringing up the lace through the next eyelet, insert the lace from the outside in.

Do this on both sides of the work boot before you run the lace horizontally across and under again.

For you to achieve the results that you are looking for, follow the same order that you started with.

This means that if you laced right over the left first,  continue in that order.

Continue inserting the laces outside in and repeat the process until you reach the top of the work boot.

When you reach the top, the laces should be facing in, on the inside of the work shoes.

You should tie the bots in a bow. You can also tie them to a knot and stuff the laces behind your tongue.

Double Back Lining Lacing

The army officers use this lacing technique when crawling.

Although the technique is awkward, it keeps the shoe tight thus you don’t have to worry about having to keep on tying it at the worksite.

What makes this lacing technique awkward is that the lacing first runs down the shoe, then doubles back up the slip on work boot.

For you to properly lace your work shoe, begin straight across on the outside and in through the second-from-the-top set of eyelets.

Then cross the ends and feed in through the second-lower set of eyelets and continue down the work shoe two sets of the eyelets at a time.

At the bottom of the boot, run each lace end vertically between the bottom and second from bottom eyelets.

Double back and work back up the work boot, while crisscrossing through the vacant sets of eyelets.

If looking to get longer ends and a neater look, run the laces vertically up the inside between the bottom and second from bottom eyelets.

On the other hand, if interested in shorter ends which often give a messier look, run the laces diagonally between the bottom and second eyelets.


These are some of the ways in which you can lace your work boots military style.

You should note that regardless of the technique you use, ensure that your work boots are fitting in the first place.

This calls for you to be extra cautious when making a purchase. Pay close attention to the size of the boot. If buying from a physical store, always try on the work boot.

Most steel toe boots are narrow at the time of purchase. Don’t return the shoe because it’s too narrow. this is because most shoes widen as you continue wearing them.

On the other hand, if buying from an online store such as Amazon, be patient and ensure you enter the right measurements of your feet.

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