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11 Must-Have Tools For DIY Projects

Measuring tape

The tape measure basically measures. You can use it in different applications. Whether you are looking to install an appliance such as a wall oven or looking to upgrade your home simply, this tool will come in handy.

Any size or brand you go for will do the work. When you are just starting out, you should go for a ¾ inch model, but as you get used to it, you can invest in a pocket-sized model that you can walk with, even in your local stores.

When making the purchase, avoid the skinnier tapes as they tend to fall out of place. You also should avoid the fatter ones as they are bulky and often unnecessary for you as a homeowner.


You use the hammer to pound or pull nails. You can also use it to break through hard surfaces. There are many types of hammers on the market that you can go for and come in different handles such as wood, metal, and fiberglass.

When buying the hammer, you should go for one with a comfortable grip. If you can find one with vibration-dampening coatings, you will be better off.

Since you will be using the hammer occasionally to demolish a building or pound nails, you should go for a hammer with a straight or “rip” claw instead of a curved claw.

To avoid damaging the surface, you are working on and nail slippage, you should go for a hammer with a smooth head. Avoid one with a dimpled or checkered head.

Cordless drill, driver, and bits

Macro Shot Image of Red and Black DrillDecades ago, a cordless drill only used to drill holes. Nowadays, due to the availability of a wide range of bits, you can use the tool for a wide range of applications. You can use it as a screwdriver, among many other things.

When buying the unit, you should buy one that is within your price range. You should avoid one that is too cheap as it won’t give you the service that you are looking for. It also will most likely break down after only a short time.

Standard level

The level shows you whether the unit you are working on is horizontal to the earth’s surface. The level has an air bubble inside each of the liquid vials. When the liquid is directly in the center, it indicates that the unit you are working on is level.

There are many levels in the market that you can go for. You should do your research and find the one that is ideal for you.

Utility knife

You use the utility knife for a wide range of applications such as opening taped bags, boxes, and scraping away resin or paint. The knives come in different sizes. You should choose one that is ideal for your application.

As a rule of thumb, you should avoid cheap units as they will come apart fast. They also might not cut the things that you are interested in.


Many homeowners ignore the importance of the toolbox, but it’s an essential tool for you to have. The toolbox prevents your work tools from getting scattered inside the drawers, basements, garage shelves, and any other area.

When you are just getting started, you should start with just a simple, inexpensive toolbox, then as you get more tools, invest in a large toolbox.

There are some of the modern toolboxes that have beautiful designs that you can go for, but if you don’t like the current designs, you should go for tool bags.

As a rule of thumb, you should ensure that the tool bags have plenty of pockets and compartments that will carry as many work tools as possible.


While you can use your smartphone to work in darkness, you need a dedicated LED flashlight that doesn’t rely on your remembrance to plug in your phone to a power source. You should go for a high-quality unit that produces enough light.

Inflator/air compressor

Also called a pneumatic tool, the compressor is more powerful than a regular power tool. When you are making the purchase, you should go for a portable compressor that you can easily move from one place to another.

If you need a high volume to power automotive and production air tools, you should go for a stationary compressor.

The cool thing with the air compressors is that they can also help you with drain cleaning, deck building, and tire inflating, and caulking.


You can use wrenches for different roles, including: manipulating hex nuts and bolts. You should combine the wrenches when you are looking to cover the areas that you can’t reach.

When you should get more comfortable with the wrenches, you should expand your collection.


You use screwdrivers to turn screws so that you can drive or remove them from a surface. When making the purchase, you should invest in a screwdriver set that has a wide variety of flatheads and Philip’s head sizes.

You can also invest in units that have magnetic heads, but you should ensure that you have a pouch or Ziploc bag to keep them in.


Green and Grey PliersPliers come in handy when you are looking to hold tiny objects so that you can manipulate them. When you apply enough torque, you will be able to pull, bend, and even pinch a piece of metal and give it the shape that you want.

When making the purchase, go for a plier set that has a wide range of pliers including: long-nose pliers, locking pliers, combination pliers, and any others that you might need for your work.

Parting shot

These are some of the must-have tools for DIY projects. For the tools to give you the service you need for a long time, you should ensure that they are of high quality.

You also need to take good care of the tools for them to last for a long time. This calls for you to use the right tool for the proper work.

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