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4 Great Reasons Why Office Plants Are Good for You

Some people don’t like having plants in the office. They feel that it’s unnecessary and a bit of an eyesore when they’re contrasted with some expensive paintings on the walls.

But in reality, plants are good for your health. If you get the chance to build a vertical green garden in your workplace, please do so because in the list below are some of its health benefits.

Relieve your stress

Anyone who has worked in an office knows that the environment can be chaotic sometimes. You’re always trying to beat a deadline, closing a deal with a client, or dealing with a demanding boss.

Fortunately for you, there’s no need to go to a therapist for help in minimizing the stress in your body. All you need are some potted plants, and you’ll be able to reduce your anxiety level significantly.

According to scientists, plants are good stress-relievers because the soil in the pot has microbes that serve as natural antidepressants. It’s one of the reasons when you walk through the park, and you feel better.

Improve air quality

The air quality in an office is just as bad as the air outside. What’s even worse with office air is that people are more confined in these venues, which raises the risk of developing asthma, skin allergies, dry eyes, and headaches.

If you have plants in your office, they can absorb these pollutants and filter them. After that, you’ll be able to breathe in cleaner air. On top of that, studies have shown that offices with plants have lesser airborne bacteria compared to offices without any greenery.

Humidify the air

Not only will plants improve the air quality in your office, but they will also humidify the air so that it won’t feel too stuffy or dry in your workplace. It’s good to have plants in your office if the air conditioner is turned on 24/7 because the cold air can feel dry sometimes.

Boost your focus

Surprisingly, indoor plants can also help you improve your cognitive skills, allowing you to be more creative and capable of solving problems. Plants have a soothing presence that enables employees to relax and stimulate their minds more.

If that’s not enough, studies conducted in the UK about workplace productivity have shown that people who are exposed to plants in the office get to improve their memory, productivity, and concentration. So, start stocking up in plants in your office if you want to get promoted.

Now that we’ve established that plants are good for your health and mental well-being, it’s time to learn more about which plants can relieve the stress in your mind and body.

  • Peppermint –The menthol found in peppermint has long been in use to soothe muscle aches. If you can bring a peppermint plant to your office, do so. You can chop the leaves up and use it in your bath to soothe your tired muscles, too. Just be sure to keep your eyes closed because the menthol might sting.
  • Lavender –The scent of lavender is capable of relieving stress, anxiety, and even depression, so it’s a perfect plant for your office desk.
  • Jasmine –Just like lavender, jasmine is also effective in minimizing the stress in your body. Just place this on your desk and sniff it every now and then if you’re feeling stressed out.

Plants are not just suitable for decorating your workplace. They’re even better instruments to help you get through a hard day at work. Make sure that your workplace is filled with plants to ease the stress out of your mind.

On my 15th birthday, I became the designated gardener in my home.

Now at 32, I have a small garden and every day I'm out trying different plants and seeing how they grow. I grow guavas, peaches, onions, and many others. Want to know more about me? Read it here.

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