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What Are Expandable Garden Hoses?

Expandable garden hoses are garden hoses that can extend. In this case, the garden hose can extend up to 3 times its original size. It gets wider and allows more water to come out through the spray.

It extends when water is pumped and increases its width to up to three times the size. This makes washing so much easier.

Whether you want to use it for spraying water in your lawn, cleaning the exterior of the windows, or giving a nice squeaky-clean wash to your car, expandable hoses can be used for it all.

Why use the expandable garden hose?

Expendable hoses are extremely helpful. You can even have a blast using it for fun, like spraying water at your friends. Get them drenched and get wet yourself.

Apart from the ability to extend it to 3 times the size, the hose is very durable and strong. A very common problem while using traditional garden hoses is that they get tangled and kinked.

This is not a concern for the expandable garden hose due to its flexibility. An expandable one can be used roughly and freely without worrying if it could get tangled. Because of the flexibility, an extended hose can extend and retract with the force of the water.

If there is force then it will extend; if not, then it will retract, so you won’t have to worry about wasting your time in untying a knot in your house ever again.

Expandable garden hoses are also very lightweight compared to traditional rubber or vinyl hoses. Modern technology has also helped in making these garden hoes very durable. These are made within double layers. The outer layer is the tough one, which is also very durable.

The inner layer is the one that extends when the pressure is on. The inner tube can be made of different materials. Some are made of latex, and some are made of TPC, while the outer tube is mostly made of nylon.

The best part is that it also retracts itself when the water pressure is off.

You won’t need a lot of storage space to keep it as it is like a regular-sized hose, but it way lighter than the regular ones. The garden hose also retracts itself and coils up when the water is turned off. While retracting or expanding, they don’t tangle at all.

This truly saves you a lot of time and money.

How do you use them?

The first thing you need to do is check if there is a rubber ring attached to the end of the faucet. This ring helps the pipe from leaking.

Before you use it, you may want to follow this next step first.

Fully extend your hose. Turn the valve off, and then start the water. Keep the valve off. As the water flows, it will extend the hose. In a matter of moments, the hose will extend to its maximum size.

Then turn the valve on. This will help the water automatically drain out. You would want to do this at least two times before you start spraying.

Before spraying, add a nozzle at the end of your expandable hose. This will help you get better water flow and less leakage. The nozzle is mostly required to help utilize the water pressure properly and get the best out of your hose. It can be attached just like traditional garden hoses.

Use your attachments properly and check if they fit properly.

Once you are done with your work, go to the water faucet or spigot and turn it off. Do not directly turn off the valve of your spray; instead, turn off the spigot first and leave the hose out for a while. It will automatically retract itself.

Sometimes, you will have to squeeze the nozzle a bit to get the extra water out so it can properly return back to its regular size.

Tips on Taking Care of the Hose

The hose should not be run for a long period of time in full pressure. This might cause damage over time. The optimum pressure should be around and below 80 PSI. It is generally best to turn the faucet off when not using it.

The hose should be extended with the pressure of the water. It should not be stretched manually.

Like most objects, your expandable hose should be kept at an average temperature. Especially during cold winters, you have to be extra careful. During the winter after you are done using the hose, make sure it is completely drained out. If not, the water inside may freeze and burst the pipe.

In the heat, it is also best to keep it in a cool shed after being used.

It is best if you do not run hot water in the hose. Very hot water can damage the internal tubes of the hose.

Be careful about where you are dragging the hose. Being dragged over rough edges like concrete or bricks can create cuts in the hose and later cause leakage. If not careful, the small cuts can eventually tear the pipe if there is too much pressure. So be very careful where you drag your pipe.

The tool is great, but it still has some downsides to it. It is very difficult to fix a leak if one occurs. Sometimes, it can easily get cut when dragged around the pavement, and it also succumbs to prolonged usage at high pressure.

The hose should also be carefully stored, and it has to be made sure that the hose is completely drained out of water before storing.

You have to maintain a few things for using this tool. Like every other tool, it has good sides and bad sides. For an average-sized expandable hose, you will have to spend about $50-$60, which is more than the traditional hose. That is of course due to its benefits. Before buying,  do your research and get the best deals on this amazingly handy tool.

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