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Will Lime Kill Moss?

If you have been having moss on your lawn, you must have been told to apply lime on it to get rid of it, right? As a curious person, you must be wondering, will lime kill moss? Well, the truth…


How Can I kill Leather Jackets on My Lawn?

If you have bare grass patches and birds constantly pecking at the grass, you may have leather jackets hiding beneath your lawn. Are you asking, how can I kill leather jackets on my lawn? Keep it here to learn how…


Can You Use Milorganite with Other Fertilizers?

If you are asking, can you use Milorganite with other fertilizers? You must be thinking of using it along with other fertilizers, and the answer to this question is a resounding yes. It’s safe to use Milorganite along with other…

lawn watering

4 Valuable Lawn Watering Tips

Water is essential to the care of your lawn and garden. It is one of the many factors that results to lush and green grass. When undertaking lawn watering, there are essential things you must keep in mind. Use appropriate…

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