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7 Gazebo Mistakes To Be Wary Of

For your gazebo to retain its great looks for a long time you need to take good care of it. Unfortunately, studies show that many gazebo owners make plenty of mistakes that damage their units.

Here are some of the most common gazebo mistakes and how to avoid making them:

Buying a gazebo of the wrong material

Everything begins at the buying store. There are plenty of gazebos made from a wide range of materials.

Just like anything else, buying a gazebo made from the wrong material would lead to the unit coming apart after only a short while.

When you are buying a gazebo, you need to take your time and buy a high-quality unit made from high-quality materials. Always ensure that the materials can withstand the weather in your area.

If you live in areas with harsh weather, you should go for gazebos made from wood and vinyl.

These materials don’t require a lot of care; therefore, they are ideal for even the lazy gazebo owner.

If you don’t mind caring for your unit, you should go for those made from cedar or yellow treated pine.

Many people have the notion that all wood is the same thus tend to substitute one wood to the other.

There is nothing that is further from the truth than this.

You should note that no two planks of wood have the same strength thus no two pieces are the same.

If this is the first time you are buying a gazebo, don’t make the decision in haste.

Take your time and research as much as possible about the gazebo.

There is no point of spending hundreds of dollars on a unit that will come apart after a few uses.

For you to buy a unit that will give you a great service for a long time, work with a professional who will guide you in everything.

While you might have to pay them for the service, the cost will be low compared to what you will have saved, and you will have bought the best gazebo for your area.

Installing the gazebo improperly

Some people will buy the right gazebo but the unit won’t be of much value, if they don’t install it properly.

This is important if you live in highly windy areas.

Some people fail to put a lot of weight on the installation of their gazebos which leads to the units coming apart after only a short while.

Don’t do this. You need to take your time and anchor the units properly in such a way that they won’t be affected by the tough weather regardless of its intensity.

This calls for you to ensure that the ground you install them is right for installation.

You also should use the right materials.

If you aren’t a handyman, you should hire a professional to help you out.

As a rule of thumb ensure that the professional is highly experienced and fun to work with.

You don’t want to work with someone who will be a pain to keep around.

Go for a contractor with a pleasant personality.

Using the gazebo in extreme weather

Even if you have installed your gazebo properly, it will most likely get destroyed if you use it in the wrong weather.

As mentioned above, it’s recommended that you buy a gazebo that is designed for your weather conditions.

If you install a regular canopy in an extremely windy area, it’s bound to get destroyed.

If you have a regular tent, you should always bring it down when the bad weather comes along.

Ignoring damage

Even with the best care, it’s common for the gazebo to be destroyed.

It’s common for the unit to have twisted truss bars, harmed rooftop, missing jolts, and many other issues.

Since most of the issues don’t affect the functionality of the gazebo, many people ignore them.

As you might have guessed, when you ignore the problems, they get worse over time.

When you are having issues with the gazebo, regardless of how minor it is, you should try to fix it as soon as possible.

You can fix the minor issues by yourself but when it comes to the large problems, let a professional handle it.

Repacking a wet or damp gazebo

When many people forget removing their gazebos after a rainy day, they hurriedly bring it down then repack it without minding the water on the tent.

This is wrong as the wetness causes mold. The gazebo will also have an awful smell when you store it while still wet.

The best way of going about it is letting the gazebo dry up completely before you repack it.

If you are going to go for a long time without using it, you should store it in a cool, dry place, away from any moisture sources.

Failing to get a permit

Did you know that you can land into legal problems if you install the wrong gazebo?

Depending on your location, the structure of your yard, and the size of the gazebo you are looking to install, you can be required to get a permit before you undertake the installation.

For you to avoid being on the wrong side of the law, you should do your research on whether you will need a permit before you undertake the installation.

Biting more than you can chew

The final mistake that most people make is trying to install the canopy and yet they don’t have the necessary skills.

While you save money when you install the tent by yourself, you will most likely install it improperly or even cause damage to it, especially if you have never handled a similar project in the past.

The best way of going about it is to hire a professional to help you with the installation.

While the professional will cost you some money, what you pay will be worth it as the expert will professionally install the tent.

The professional will also save you the stress that comes with the work.

Since the expert is experienced, he/she will install the tent fast thus you will move to your new gazebo in the shortest time possible.

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