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A Complete Guide On Replacement Of Glass Windows For Home And Buildings

Using glass at home and in offices has now become very common. This is because it adds a touch of beauty and makes the environment look cleaner and more welcoming. The glass window can also help transmit proper lighting of the interior of homes and companies.

Buildings such as hotels opt for glass windows rather than the conventional wooden or any other type. This is because it helps its visitors enjoy the view of the outside world from the comfort of their rooms.

Most high rise buildings in developing countries now make use of glass windows in their building plan because it helps the building to also stand out in that particular location.

A glass window is easily noticeable, and this is because anyone passing by can easily see his or her reflection from outside, so it tends to attract people even more.

Using glass windows at home also helps to create a calm and serene ambiance, and one can get to enjoy comfort even while at home, not to mention the bright effect it always gives to the house.

The problem now comes into view when glass mirrors break. They are made of glass, so, they obviously might at some point or the other still shatter or have cracks. For homes, this can be due to carelessly throwing materials at the glass or putting a lot of weight on the glass.

Breakage or crack of glass windows of high rise buildings, apart from the reasons relating to home glass, can be due to poor weather conditions. A storm can lift objects and smash it on the glass, hence reducing its integrity and sometimes causing it to crack or even shatter.

Broken glass windows disrupt aesthetics, which is one of the main reasons why they were installed in the first place. The need to replace them can also be tiring, especially if you do not know the best approaches to follow.

In this article, we will be discussing the easiest methods to employ to replace broken or cracked glass windows in homes and buildings.

Replacing Home Glass Windows

glass replacement

When the glass windows of homes get damaged, replacement glass is imminent. This is because further cracking of the glass can permit dust, dirt, and even unwanted animals getting into the house.

The privacy of an individual is also compromised the moment the window is broken. Here are the necessary steps to follow when considering replacing a glass window:

  • Gather your materials: This is the first on the list as you need to identify the materials you will need for the replacement and get them from the stores. The necessary materials required include a tape measure, glazing putty, glass cutter, putty knife, chisel, heat gun, and linseed oil.
  • Remove old glass: The shard glass needs to come off, so while wearing protective clothing and gloves, you can carefully remove the broken glass from the frame if they are easy to pull off. If proving difficult, you can tap the glass with a hammer to create more cracks and then use your chisel or heat gun to get them off the frame.
  • Remove the old putty: You will have to use a new putty, so you need to get rid of the old one before applying the new one. This you can do by using the chisel to gently scrape it off or use the heat gun to soften the putty before getting it out.
  • Clean frame: After removing the putty, you need to ensure that the rabbet is appropriately cleaned. You can use a clean damp cloth to get rid of the remnant particles. You can also add the linseed oil to allow for easy application of the new putty.
  • Measure: Before going ahead to order the glass, you need to know the dimensions of the windowpane, this will help you determine the length and height of the glass you want to measure. Usually, the glass should be about 1/8 inches shorter than the pane on all sides.
  • Apply putty on frame and glass: Carefully apply the new putty on the rabbet. You can then use the putty knife to smoothen the sides of the putty and make it fit perfectly. Repeat this same procedure on the glass that needs to be mounted on the frame.
  • Apply Sealing tapes: You need to ensure that the glass fits into the pane before you go ahead to apply the sealing tapes. Scrape the old ones away by using a paint cleaner and carefully apply the tape on all sides.
  • Set the glass in the frame: With the pane in the right position, you can carefully fit your glass into the tape. Ensure it is well set as the glass can no longer be removed once it has been fitted into the tape.

Replacing High Rise Glass Windows

Glass Replacement unit

Replacing glass windows for companies and industries can be more technical than replacing the ones at home. This is because the glass used for companies is way stronger and heavier, and the panels are thicker than those at home.

Replacing a broken or cracked window of a glass façade requires special equipment and technical skills, some of which are discussed below:

  • Cranes or Mobile Elevation Working Platforms: When mounting the mirrors for the first time, cranes are usually used in getting the mirrors and panels high up to the desired location. This cranes or Mobile Elevation Working Platform can also be used to replace old glass windows in a façade with new ones. The only disadvantage is that this machine will take a lot of space and that kind of space might not be available anywhere near the building.
  • Glass Replacement from inside the building: This option works best for smaller glass panes because it might be challenging to get the pane into the elevator when transporting it if the pane is too big. A special cart with suction attached to it is also needed to help keep the pane in place all the way
  • Building Maintenance Unit (BMU) with Glass Replacement Unit (GRU): BMU is usually used to make cleaning of the glass façade a lot easier for high rise buildings. When then BMUs are attached to the Glass Maintenance Unit, however, it can be used to transport the glass panes to the location where the change is required.
  • How Does This Work? The Glass Replacement Unit has a winch that makes it attachable to the BMU; then, a snap hook can be suspended either in front or at the back of a Gondola, which can then be used to transport the glass as well as the installation crew.
  • The suction hook is attached to the old glass and used to remove it from its position. Then, the new glass can then be transported from down up to the new position and with the help of the crew inside the gondola and the ones inside the building. The new glass can then be fitted into space. This method works for just any kind of glass provided the necessary procedures are followed.


In conclusion, whether you are replacing a glass window for your home or your company, it is essential to weigh your options and follow the right guideline. If you feel you cannot carry out the task all by yourself, you can employ the services of friends or specialists.

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