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How To Design An Outdoor Living Space You Will Be Proud Of

Are you looking to make the most of your outdoors? Do you have big dreams for an outdoor living space?

Perhaps you’re wondering how to design an outdoor living space and create a new ‘room’ where you can entertain guests and relax outdoors.

Now, there are more options than ever for creating the perfect outdoor space your whole family can enjoy.

Here, I’m providing you with five professional tips for creating the outdoor living space you’ve dreamed of.

Get Covered and Protected

There is no point in making an outdoor living space without it having some sort of covering or pergola.

This ensures that anything in your new outdoor living space will be protected when the weather gets bad.

Even if you don’t live in an area where you get a lot of rain, a hardtop gazebo or pergola can provide you with protection from the sun and prevent sunburn.

You should choose your cover based on the climate in which you live.

If you get a lot of rain, it’s worth buying a gazebo or pergola that is rigid and rugged and maybe even has a sloped roof, to drain the rainfall of your roof.

There are several mistakes people make when buying a gazebo, including choosing the wrong material, not constructing it properly, and using it when the weather gets extreme.

These mistakes are explored in more detail here.

In general, a gazebo can bring a lot of benefits to your outdoor space, so it seems to be a good investment.

Invest in Home Comforts and Quality Furnitureoutdoor furniture

All too often, when creating an outdoor living space, people buy cheap and flimsy furniture or forego some of the comforts they have indoors.

Investing in good quality furniture will mean it is more likely to last for the long term, and it will make you more likely to want to spend time outdoors.

If you don’t make your outdoor living space as comfortable as your indoor living room, you probably won’t spend as much time out there as you should!

Consider adding home comforts to your outdoor space, like footrests, or even the reclining chairs you may not have space for inside.

Go Electric

outdoor design ideasAdding electricity to your outdoor space is doable, but, as this guide explains, it is moderately difficult, and you shouldn’t take it on unless you are confident, you can do it yourself.

However, it should be less than a day’s work for an electrician, so it is a worthwhile investment to get a professional to do the job!

Having electricity in your outdoor space will ensure you can add some of those home comforts.

An outdoor living space that is properly weatherproofed and has electricity could include televisions, sound systems, and even space for you to work outside if you wish.

An added bonus is that the power supply will probably be closer to your lawn or yard and make it easier when it is time to do some garden maintenance and power up your lawnmower or strimmer.

Some extra precautions should be taken with having electricity outdoors. Water and electricity do not mix, so when it rains, there can be a real danger.

Taking the advice of a professional is recommended.

Think About Outdoor Living and Eating Areas

outdoor design ideasMany people love to prepare food and eat outdoors.

Having a nice space where you can sit and eat outdoors, such as a quality outdoor dining set, is a big bonus.

Of course, if grilling outdoors isn’t your preference, you can just build an outdoor eating space and prepare your food in the kitchen.

If grilling and smoking outside get you excited, you can do so much more in an outdoor environment.

Whether you buy a ready-made smoker or barbeque grill, or choose to make one yourself, your living space can incorporate it, as long as you have good ventilation for the smoke.

Even if this means having one side of your gazebo open, make sure you have enough airflow so that any smoke can drift away.

There are lots of benefits to cooking outdoors. As well as saving you from making a mess indoors, you’ll avoid extra heat from being generated in the kitchen, which can make your house a lot more difficult to keep cool.

The outdoor cooking experience is the basis for some incredible social gatherings.

Why not make your outdoor living space the perfect spot to have your friends around for some home grilled meals?

Utilize the Great Outdoors

outdoor design ideasIf you have an exciting new outdoor space, there are certain things you can incorporate into the design that wouldn’t be possible indoors.

We’ve already discussed outdoor eating and the fact you can install a grill, smoker, or BBQ in your outdoor space. But, fire can be used in other ways, too.

You can install a firepit as an interesting design feature and a way to keep warm when the sun goes down!

This article on landscaping on a budget discusses firepits and how you can install one without breaking the bank.

Another way to utilize the great outdoors, especially if you have a permanent structure, such as a pergola, is to use plants.

Climbing plants, such as honeysuckle and climbing hydrangeas are a good option and will provide some extra shade and decoration to your outdoor living space.

More options for climbing plants can be found here.

Treat Your Space as a Blank Canvas

Make your outdoor living space your own! Very rarely can you make every decision when it comes to designing the inside of your home.

With an outdoor living space, you can choose the layout and design, what goes in the space, and how it is decorated.

Make sure you decorate your outdoor living space to suit your personality and with all the features of somewhere you would love to spend time.

Ultimately, your outdoor space is for living in and enjoying, so make sure you and your family are happy with it!


Have you enjoyed our post on creating an outdoor living space? Do you feel inspired to take our tips on board and design your own space?

If you have any further tips or advice, feel free to share these in the comments.

If our article has been useful to you, why not share it with your friends who may also find it helpful when they are designing their outdoor space?


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