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can lawn mowers damage hearing

Can Lawnmowers Damage Hearing?

If you are new with lawnmowers, you must be asking, “can lawnmowers damage hearing?” the answer is YES, lawnmowers can damage your hearing. Most of the lawnmowers produce 90 decibels of noise. According to Dr. Michael Roizen, MD, exposing yourself…

should you wear ear protection

Should You Wear Ear Protection While Mowing?

Many homeowners ask, “should you wear ear protection while mowing even when you aren’t a professional?” The answer is a resounding yes. You should wear ear protection even if you mow once a month. What are the dangers of loud…

lawn mowing safety tips

Riding LawnMower Safety Tips

Riding lawn mowers move much faster than walk-behind mowers; therefore, you complete your mowing task faster. Unfortunately, it takes just a small lapse of attention to cause a serious injury or accident. Due to this, you need to be cautious…

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