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The Green-thumb Guide: 14 Golden tips for Gardeners

Tending to your own green sanctuary is not only the most soothing and pacifying activity to vitalize your mind but also to energize you and boost your physical health.

Although it does require high maintenance and a bit of rough elbow grease yet the fruit will always be sweeter (quite literally) and you will taste it in the zest added to your meals by using nutritious, backyard-grown produce.

So in this article we will be elaborating upon the smartest tips and tricks, along with clever and innovative ideas to make your garden into the perfect sanctuary.

Tips & Tricks:

Dive into these top tips to make your garden flourish in no time!

1)  Location:

Gardening is one of those activities that heavily depends on various factors, one of which is Location.

Before you set you with your rake and hoe, make sure to brush up on your research and prepare a rough idea of the kind of plants, vegetables, and fruits you want in your garden and only then proceed to scour out land to pursue your passion.

2) Workever:

Another handy tool to aid and manage your garden is to take advantage of digital innovations and management software such as this one.

It boasts a range of new features to not only make your task easy, but efficient as well. Some of its notable features are:

· Stocks & Costs:

This tool is the most reliable way to keep an inventory of your stocks and available resources, along with calculating your expenditure and keeping a log of your accounts.

· Contact Database:

It also has an integrated database to keep all your contacts safe and in one place to easily communicate with them, whether that be your stuck supplier or your field team.

· Easy communication:

Using this software, it is extremely easy and quick to collaborate and keep communication between your office staff and field employed staff.

3) Compost:

It is important not to overlook the benefits of organic compost for your garden and always prefer making your own compost.

It is not only easy and cost-effective but also reduces food wastage! Just toss in all your leftovers, including fruit peels, fruit cores, eggshells, coffee grounds, etc.

4) Pruning & Cutting:

It is always an ace idea to trim and prune your plants. Not only does it increase air circulation and increases water absorption, but it also just keep out the leaves out of your face!

It is important to make pruning incisions correctly and always about ¼ inches above the bud, downwards and away from it.

Make sure not to cut too close to the bud, or it may result in the bud dying.

5) Favourable Conditions:

Again it is important to keep in mind the factors for gardening and act accordingly for the betterment of your harvest. Some important conditions are:

· Seed planting time

· Climate

· Soil Fertility

 6) Watering & Drainage:

It is extremely important to gauge whether your plant roots are getting an adequate amount of water or not, so keep that in check.

Also, do not wet the plant’s leaves as it eventually leaves to rot and a sick plant. Remember, yellow leaves mean you have to keep a lighter hand on the water hose!

Water your plants an inch per week and see if there are enough drainage areas to avoid flooding.

7) Suitable Plants:

With the basics covered, here is a list of a few easy-to-grow plants that are not only low maintenance but also very yielding!

· Tomatoes

· Onions

· Basil

· Roses

· Sunflowers

So now that we got down the simple tips, let’s move on to ways you can spruce up your garden and be creative to make an aesthetic haven!

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Savvy Ideas:

8) Upcycle:

This is the cheapest way to be creative without going bankrupt! Utilize the objects available in your house, and using craft supplies, amp it up! Some possible ideas are

· Using a birdcage to keep succulents

· String terracotta pots together make a decorative vine

· DIY hose guards by drilling holes into golf balls.

9) Invest:

Another method is to purchase pretty decorative items to give your garden a better look. Possible suggestions within budget might be:

· LED Lights

· Decorative gnomes and fairies

· Squirrel Feeders

· Birdhouses and fountains.

10) Terrariums:

These are miniature gardens that look adorable and are easy to make! These can be fairly expensive, so it is better to make your own!

Use old bottles, jars, aquariums, or even teapots and decorate them to your heart’s desire!

11) Garden Fences:

The advantages of fencing your garden are endless. It will not only keep your garden safe and secure from dogs but also demarcates your land from others.

It is also minimum maintenance and beautifies your garden.

12) Brick Markers:

These are a brilliant and cost-effective method of marking your plants and herbs, and it requires only two objects.

A sharpie and a brick! Just scribble on the name of the specific herb or fruit sprouts and keep it there. This helps in easy identification!

You can also buy some paints and get creative! Don’t forget to seal your artwork using finishing spray, or the weather will get to it!

13) Garden signs:

Hand paint some old wooden planks to create little signs that could serve as either directions or maybe some daily affirmations to boost up your spirits!

14) Painted stone pathway:

These look absolutely heavenly in a well-kept garden! A paved pathway lined with colourful, iridescent stones! Just pick up a few pebbles and some canisters of spray paint and start spraying! Et voila!


To sum it up, gardening is honestly the best activity you can take up, especially during quarantine!

The cons are almost none, while the pros are endless, so what are you waiting for? Pick up that shovel and start digging!

On my 15th birthday, I became the designated gardener in my home.

Now at 32, I have a small garden and every day I'm out trying different plants and seeing how they grow. I grow guavas, peaches, onions, and many others. Want to know more about me? Read it here.

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