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Should Lawn Mower Blades Be Razor-Sharp?

Due to the impact the blade's condition has on the cut quality and health of your lawn, not to mention the longevity of your mower, you may want to keep your lawn mower blades as sharp as possible. The big…


Are Lawn Mower Blades Worth Sharpening?

Dull mower blades rip grass, resulting in ragged ends or failing to cut it entirely. This causes your grass to be uneven, with white or brown tips that are susceptible to disease. You don’t want this to happen, do you?…


What You Need To Know About Lawn Mower Blades

As a homeowner, it’s paramount that you understand as much as you need to know about lawn mower blades. Here are some of the things you should know: What are the different types of lawn mower blades? When you are…


How To Mow A Lawn With A Riding Mower

A riding mower is one where you operate it while you are seated. The machines resemble small tractors, but they are larger than push mowers. You should go for a riding lawn mower if you have a large lawn. If…

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